FlipWitch – Forbidden Sex Hex

FlipWitch Forbidden Sex Hex cover art

FlipWitch Forbidden Sex Hex is an upcoming pixel-styled side-scrolling action adventure developed by MomoGames, also known by the name Momo Eroge on Twitter. Set to release somewhere in the near future with no specified release date as of right now, you can currently wishlist the game on Steam.

A sexy adventure awaits in a magical land filled with monsters, giant bosses, and monster girls. Use gender-bending abilities as a ‘FlipWitch’ to defeat your enemies and complete quests!

Take down the evil Chaos Witch who has corrupted the world. This journey takes you to different locations such as magical forests, deserted dungeons, and slimy citadels. Meet characters cursed by the evil Witch and save them to be rewarded with fully animated H-content.

Sexy green monster girl with huge boobs

FlipWitch Gameplay

Lewd pixel side scrolling gameplay in dungeon

Using the abilities of FlipWitch you can change your form between a Witch and a Wizard, thus allowing access to new areas and quests. Both forms come with a set of costumes to unlock and wear that let you interact with the world differently.

The game takes you through multiple zones, each with its own theme. Levels are said to hide within them valuable treasures and secrets, protected by traps and monsters. Some secrets may even require lots of different magic spells to unlock them. Some of these treasures and secrets are hidden NPCs, rare items, and large quantities of loot.

FlipWitch Forbidden Sex Hex lets you complete quests in a non-linear fashion in between dungeons.

pixel game action battle scene

Adult Content

With over 100 lewd animations to unlock, your journey will be filled with adult content beyond simple eye candy to enjoy. Enemies provide a spiced defeat screen with H-animations and there are also NPCs that will reward you in the most perverted ways for helping them.

In addition to the said adult content, during the epic journey to defeat the evil Witch, you may come across Lucky Coins while exploring. These coins can be used in Spirit City to unlock H-animations from a Gacha machine.

Pixel green goblins fucking a witch in forest

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