Waifu Fighter reaches Very Positive status on Steam

2D Sexy Chinese anime woman fighting in a boxing ring

Waifu Fighter, a game developed by Happy Monster Studio which I covered back in November last year (2022), has reached over 1,000 player-written reviews on Steam that are very positive overall. This unique erotic fighting game has quickly gained a reputation for its fun and entertaining gameplay, as well as its small but impressive roster of beautiful and sexy waifu characters.

In terms of gameplay, you can learn more about Waifu Fighter here. But in short, in case you are not yet familiar with this title, Waifu Fighter offers simple yet fun quick-time-event-based action in which you fight various sexy girls in the ring to strip naked and pleasure upon victory.

One of the most impressive things about Waifu Fighter is the overwhelmingly positive feedback it has received from players on Steam. The game currently holds a “Very Positive” status in player-written reviews, which is a testament to the game’s quality and the hard work put in by Happy Monster Studio.

With such a successful first game, Happy Monster Studio has a bright future ahead with many new fans ready to support their next project whatever that might be.


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