Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Pre-register Now!

NIKKE Preregistration announcement

The Pre-registration is open for NIKKE! You can now go to Apple or Google Play store on your phone and install the game in advance while waiting for its global release later this year (2022), month currently not specified.

The pre-registration itself happens on NIKKE’s official website. SHIFT UP just recently updated it to provide better visuals and more information about their upcoming game. They still continue to update it with more content like new characters, so I do recommend checking it out every once in a while.

The benefit of pre-registration is a notification of the game’s launch date as soon as it is announced but also in-game rewards such as gems that are one of the game’s many currencies, used to purchase characters via the Gacha system.

The more people pre-register, the more gems everyone will receive upon launch. If the developer is able to reach 2,500,000 pre-registrations, everyone will receive 900 gems and the character Ether. Upon reaching 3,000,000 we will get SSR Diesel as well. So, what are you waiting for, share the good news with all your thirsty friends for a chance of free waifus!

In case the game is not familiar to you by now (watch the trailer), NIKKE is an all-new free-to-play third-person shooter RPG Gacha game for mobile featuring cute and sexy anime girls aimed toward the adult audience.


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