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ILLUSION has revealed more about their latest game, ROOM GIRL. I have taken the liberty to translate the information for you so that you can be prepared for the game when it releases in Japan 30th of September 2022.

If you are new to ROOM GIRL, this is a work-themed adult game in which the player will be controlling women at various workplaces and managing their lives while trying to get laid. Learn more by watching the official trailer.

Character actions

The women at work are not just NPCs going by their business, you as the player have the freedom to control them as you see fit, but be aware that your actions affect them in various ways.

Characters have stats that display their mood during work hours; (まじめ) Serious, (あそび) Playful, (ユニーク) Unique. Depending on the mood, different commands may be easy or hard to carry out. With just one action, the characters’ stats may change in more ways than one.

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Growing personality

As you carry out different actions, the characters’ social stats grow. This helps you to obtain new topics that can be used to communicate with others. There are 5 stats to level up; (成績) Result, (趣味) Hobby, (社交) Social life, (恋愛) Love, and (色気) Charm.

As a few examples, doing work will increase your “Result” stat that in return will make establishments that rely on money easier to use. With “Charm” your character’s excitement rise which in return makes H-scenes more likely to happen.

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Satisfaction & Behavior

There are two major indicators of your character’s level of feeling satisfied. A blue bar with a smiley face means your character feels overall satisfied with their life while the red bar with a frowny face means the opposite.

Depending on the character’s mood, the actions they take may come naturally without your control. Characters sharing the same mood are more likely to hook up and progress their relationship.

As your character’s mood increases, you unlock “home” at which your character may relax by doing various activities. The home environment unlocks more possibilities for H-scenes.

Having a character with a bad mood does not necessarily indicate disaster. When your character does not feel great, she begins to attract bad company which means sex with multiple men.

Uncontrollable Urges

Every action carries out some form of outcome/consequence. For example, drinking nonstop can cause your character to have an urge to go to the bathroom. During such an event, your character will be occupied, meaning if there are any possible clients at the scene, no other actions can be carried out.

Doing activities like work will make characters grow tired and can even make them fall asleep. In such cases, a chance to watch them sleep will arise but there is also a danger of waking them up.

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