Game Over Daisy! Taken Down by Nintendo

Nintendo taking down fanmade project, Game Over Daisy!

Nintendo appears to have taken action against OnModel3D’s acclaimed title, “Game Over Daisy!” earlier this year. The game was removed from the well-known platform, Newgrounds, along with a collection of OnModel3D’s princess renders, depicting several Nintendo princesses, which were also subject to takedown requests. The information was shared by the creator in a post on X (formerly known as Twitter).

While the game remains accessible elsewhere, including on, its future availability is uncertain. If you value the game and want to ensure its preservation, it’s advisable to download it to your PC while it’s still readily accessible. You can do this by using a download button on, conveniently located in the game’s description section, for Windows, Mac, or Android platforms.

Nintendo takedowns

Nintendo is well known for taking down fan-made content, including fan games, videos, and other media featuring their characters. However, whether fan creations are protected by laws depends on various factors, including copyright and fair use laws, which can vary by jurisdiction.

In many cases, fan creations may infringe on Nintendo’s intellectual property rights, particularly if they use copyrighted characters or assets without permission. While some forms of fan content may be protected under fair use or other legal doctrines, it’s not a blanket protection, and each case would need to be evaluated individually.

So, while it’s true that Nintendo frequently takes down fan-made content, the legality and protection of such content can be complex and may not always align with the assumption that fan creations are automatically protected as long as the creator isn’t benefiting financially.

Many creators of fan-made content may feel hesitant to challenge a large company like Nintendo due to the perceived power and resources of such entities, including their legal teams. Even if a project is small-scale and not generating income, the fear of legal action can still be daunting.

Companies like Nintendo vigorously protect their intellectual property rights, and even seemingly harmless fan projects can be subject to takedown notices or legal action. While there are instances where companies might turn a blind eye to fan creations, particularly if they’re non-commercial and not perceived as damaging to the brand, there’s always a risk involved for creators.

Ultimately, the decision to challenge a company like Nintendo over fan-made content requires careful consideration of the potential legal consequences, even if the project in question is small and non-profit.

Where to play Game Over Daisy!

As of now, “Game Over Daisy!” is still up on, but its availability could change. It’s no longer on OnModel3D’s Patreon, likely due to concerns about account takedown. The creator has also started operations on SubscribeStar, possibly to prepare for uncertainties ahead.

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