Pure Onyx Gets Interactive Sex Toy Integration in Collaboration With Lovense

Pure Onyx adult game playing on the background with Lovense sex toy

Lovense, a sex tech company headquartered in Singapore, specializes in crafting remotely controlled sex toys and pleasure products, complemented by accompanying software. Teaming up with Pure Onyx, they’ve merged interactive pleasure with this thrilling Beat ‘Em Up experience. Now, as you delve into the cyberpunk-themed world of Pure Onyx by Eromancer, you can synchronize the vibrations or thrusts of your chosen sex toy with the in-game H-animations, seamlessly blending physical sensation with virtual excitement.

Pure Onyx, initially featured here on Eroguysensei in 2021, has evolved significantly. With an array of new characters, H-animations, and fresh levels, it is a fine time to revisit the game for those who played it years ago. While still in development, an alpha release is accessible for eager gamers via Itchi.io and Subscribestar.

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How to Connect Lovense Products to Games

Setting up Lovense sex toys to interact with integrated titles is straightforward. Simply acquire a Lovense sex toy from their product listing, tailored for either gender, and select a game from their supported list. Once you have both, connect your toy to the Lovense Remote app via your smartphone or tablet. Navigate to “Discover” and then “Game Mode” within the app, enabling “Lan” at the top.

While specific settings may vary for each game, they all feature a configuration option for Lovense Toys in their settings menu. Activating this setting allows your toy to synchronize with the game, enhancing your gaming experience significantly.

Other interactive pleasure experiences from Lovense

Pure Onyx isn’t the sole game compatible with Lovense’s products. Lovense offers interactive gaming experiences for various titles developed by well-known indie creators. For instance, games like Third Crisis and The Genesis Order, previously featured here on Eroguysensei, also offer interactive experiences in conjunction with Lovense pleasure products.

Take, for example, Beat Banger, a lively furry rhythm game where the sex toy responds to the music’s beat as you strive for high scores, all while indulging in captivating H-animations. This showcases just one facet of how gaming experiences can be transformed with Lovense products. For a full list of interactive game experiences supported by Lovense, explore their Interactive Gaming section.


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