The Witch’s Night of Vengeance Now on DLsite!

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The Witch’s Night of Vengeance is finally here! Formerly known as Night of Revenge, I covered this game back in 2019 on YouTube and I am excited to let you know that the game is now available for purchase on DLsite. Developed by D-lis, a single Japanese developer, the game was released on October 29th, 2022.

This post is for those who may not be familiar with The Witch’s Night of Vengeance, as well as for those who have not followed the game’s development since my last coverage. The game has undergone major changes to gameplay and content after several years of development, and it is now available as a complete package.

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TWNOV img1 - Hentai - NSFW

Welcome to a world of darkness and fantasy where you will take on the role of Aradia, a witch who has lost everything to the church’s crusade against the forces of darkness. Fueled by her desire for revenge, she sets out to not only defeat the demonic invaders plaguing the world but also to destroy the church that took everything from her.

The game features a dark and violent world, filled with blood and gore. However, players can toggle the gore on and off, and when set to “off,” it will be covered with black bars. Additionally, enemies with gory finishers will have “FATALITY” displayed during their scenes, so players can hurry and escape if they don’t want to see such violence.

Players can choose between easy and hard modes, depending on their preference. Easy mode is for those who want to see the erotic content but are not too good at this type of game, while the hard mode is for players who are after a hardcore gaming experience, which the developer assures the game provides.

The game features a variety of bad endings, but players can seek them out on their own by fulfilling certain requirements. One playthrough is said to be enough to see all the bad endings.

Explore the world and uncover new weapons, rings with special skills, spells, and records of people’s sexual experiences. Players can choose from over 30 types of weapons, each with different ways to use them. They can also reset their level-up stats and allotted points in the sanctuary and reset weapon effects by spending Idea, a kind of currency.


TWNOV img2 - Hentai - NSFW

The Witch’s Night of Vengeance provides 70 in-game H-scenes featuring many different enemies and traps.

When players get knocked down by a strong attack, the sex begins. Each enemy has around 10~20 animations, and there are even certain scenes and animations that can only be seen during side quests. There is over 15 Game Over animations as well!

Use the gallery to watch unlocked H-scenes to your heart’s content. Inside the gallery, players can manipulate H-scenes by looping the animations and zooming in for a better view. The gallery is not just a typical menu to navigate, it is built to be a grim sex dungeon for the poor souls to get tormented in eternal pain and pleasure… or for as long as you can handle the amazingly well-crafted H-animations.


In summary, The Witch’s Night of Vengeance is a dark fantasy adventure game that offers players a blood-soaked world of dark fantasy, plenty of erotic content, adjustable difficulty, multiple endings, and the ability to explore the world and uncover new weapons and special skills. Whether you’re into hardcore gaming or just want to see erotic content, this game has something for everyone. So, grab your Xinput controller, set your screen resolution to 16:9, both of which are recommended by the developer for the best experience, and join Aradia on her quest for revenge.

Get the game on DLsite.


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