About Me

EroGuySensei is a platform to discover adult video games, both old and new. In addition to the game news, I work as a nsfw 3D artist which is my primary work here on the site.


EroGuySensei started in late 2017 on YouTube and moved on to its own platform at the start of 2020 in favor of providing uncensored content.

Covering adult games partly discontinued at the start of 2022 and since then EroGuySensei has changed focus to create nsfw 3D adult art while providing occasional simplistic adult game news.


With an ever-growing nsfw gallery already in place, EroGuySensei aims to eventually provide erotic comics and visual novels as well.

Many of these stories and the characters in them are designed to exist in the same universe with events that change and develop the characters over time.


Patreon support

Working on EroGuySensei is a tremendously time consuming hobby and an expensive one at that which I work on with an aim to transform into a full-time job. I reach out to Patreon to seek those willing to support me and my work so that EroGuySensei can continue to grow and prosper.

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