About Me

EroGuySensei is a platform to discover adult video games, both old and new. By playing the games personally, I make sure no asset flips nor low-quality low-effort crap find their way here.

You get all the information you need to make an educated purchasing decision about each title, often presented in description area of a video.

Japanese exclusives

Being able to understand Japanese allows me to bring you not only western titles but Japanese ones as well! 

Just like any other game featured on the site, I treat Japanese exclusives with the same care while going an extra mile to translate certain parts of them for you to better understand what they are about and how to play them despite the language barrier.


EroGuySensei started in late 2017 on YouTube and moved on to its own platform at the start of 2020 in favor of providing uncensored content.

While no longer making reviews and game introductions in video format due to time restrictions, there are some rare exceptions.

Patreon support

Working on EroGuySensei is a tremendously time consuming task and an expensive one at that which I work on for free with an aim to transform into a full-time job.

To support this project, I work nine-to-five job, and outside of Patreon, each game comes out from my own pocket. There is only so much I can do alone, so I reach out to Patreon to seek those willing to support me and my work so that EroGuySensei can continue to grow and prosper.

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