Subverse Launch Date Confirmed!

Hot sexy demon alien and professor

Those who pledged to Subverse Kickstarter project got to wake up this morning with the happy news. Delivered straight to their email was the latest Subverse Dev Diary announcing the long-awaited information…

Studio FOW has finally given a definitive launch date to Subverse. The game will launch on March 26th 2021 in Early Access, so only a little more than a month away! (Keep in mind that Subverse will launch in chapters).

Pricing and platform distribution (other than Steam early acccess) will be announced soon. If you have not done so already, you can Wishlist Subverse on Steam and be reminded of the game’s launch next month.

If you wish to learn the new features introduced in the latest Dev Diary, continue reading down below…

subverse coverart

Newly Revealed Game Features

subverse captains quarter

Enter the Captain’s Quarters and click on your bed to start a session. Select the waifu you did like to invite to your room from a list of waifus that you have successfully recruited to your team.

As you clear missions together with your waifus, they earn experience points that lead to devotion. Each level of devotion grants you points which can be spent on unlocking your desired lewd scenes.

Subverse 2 - Hentai - NSFW

In the Pandora mode, adult scenes can be played like a slideshow of one animated scene after another based on your own choices. Skip the ones that you do not like and only add the ones that you prefer to see. You are a director of your own tiny little sex film!

There are premium sex scenes to look out for that have yellow borders. These are described as the highlight of your Pandora adventures.

Subverse porn theater

If you cannot decide what scenes you want to experience, there is a randomize button that builds the scenes for you. You can also save scene combinations to load them later without having to rebuild your favorite scenes every time you return to have more fun with your waifus.

When Subverse launches on March, you will have a small selection of sex scenes to play with. More scenes will be added with each update.

3D tentacle porn with a sexy white haired professor

Upon recruiting a new waifu, you are rewarded with one premium lewd scene right away to help you get your collection started. To unlock the rest, you have to go on missions and train your waifus.

A scene unlocked is available for you to enjoy forever. Subverse does not include microtransactions, so you will have to work for your lewd scenes by actually playing the game.

Subverse sexy naked demon waifu

The next Dev Diary is said to feature cool promo material that the developers have been dying to show their fans. Once the new Dev Diary becomes available, you can be sure to learn all about it from your trusted source here on the site!

When Subverse launches on 26th of March, I will be grabbing a copy and playing the game to bring you a more detailed look into this long-awaited sexy space adventure!

In the meanwhile, if you cannot wait to get your sci-fi adventure started, check out other adult games with a space theme and aliens like Alien Quest EVE and Space Rescue: Code Pink.


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