Koikatsu Sunshine VR And Chara Studio Are Out Now!

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Koikatsu Sunshine has been out since August 27, 2021, but upon the game’s release, VR and Chara studio were the two features missing, until now that is!

If you happen to be one of the fortunate ones able to enjoy the Japanese version of the game while the rest wait for a possible western release, you have now been given access by Illusion to enjoy a free content update that brings in VR support and Chara Studio – both familiar from the first Koikatsu, also known in the west as Koikatsu Party.

Unfortunately, no direct download link can be provided due to Illusion’s lack of an SSL certificate for their site, but anyone looking to get their hands on either of the two new content updates can download them manually by visiting Illusion.jp.

Do keep in mind that a VPN is required for foreign visitors in order to have access to the download links, else you are bound to get an error message as Illusion actively blocks foreign traffic to certain parts of their site.

You can follow Illusion on Twitter to keep up to date with the latest news of Koikatsu Sunshine. For more about the game, check out the following links:

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