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Escalayer fighting Mistrene from Beat Angel Escalayer R

Beat Angel Escalayer R is an erotic visual novel featuring magical girls fighting forces of evil in modern-day Japan. Developed by Alicesoft and released back in 2014, Escalayer R is a reboot of its 2002 original title simply known as Beat Angel Escalayer. A localized English version of the reboot was announced by MangaGamer in 2018 and released on June 11, 2020.

Follow the story of Sayuka Kouenji, the girl who transforms into Escalayer to battle an alien invasion together with her trusted android companion, Madoka, and her love interest, Kyouhei Yanase. Protect the public peace and take part in turn-based battles to fend off the invaders. Guide the story and adult scenes via personalized dialogue options and enjoy a wide variety of fetishes in this lighthearted yet sometimes brutal interactive visual novel experience!

Beat Angel Escalayer R Character Lineup

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Beat Angel Escalayer R Story

Escalayer in Theme Park

When Sayuka Kouenji, a girl from childhood transfers to Kyouhei Yanase’s class, out of nowhere, an evil intergalactic empire Dai-Lust begins its invasion of Earth soon after. Forced to protect her planet, it does not take long before Kyouhei discovers Sayuka’s true form as the Earth’s mightiest warrior: The angelic Escalayer. However, little did Kyouhei know he would play a vital part in Sayuka’s ability to fight the forces of evil by being the provider of the essence required to transform into Escalayer – The essence of sexual arousal! From this point on, the two would have sex with a goal to defeat Dai-Lust. Will they succeed or will their endless lustful encounters with the enemy forces introduce Escalayer to unearthly pleasures from which she will not wish to escape?

In Beat Angel Escalayer R, there are multiple endings to experience, 5 endings in total, with 4 being taken from the original title and one special ending added as an extra for the reboot. The endings are affected by player actions such as defeating or being defeated by specific enemies, possess a certain amount of peace and love points before a specific in-game date arrives, carry out certain actions during the story scenes, and other things of this nature.

Beat Angel Escalayer R Story Scene


With many sexy and cute characters to introduce, Beat Angel Escalayer R consists of a mostly female cast, along with a few male characters from the side of evil. The game has excellent voice acting in which all the characters, including monsters, are fully voice acted! The only exception is Kyouhei who delivers his lines in silence.

Beauty Character from Beat Angel Escalayer R

Escalayer / Sayuka Kouenji

The star of the story, Sayuka is not an ordinary girl but the Earth’s mightiest warrior and its defender, known as Escalayer. She is also the love interest of Kyouhei Yanase, and together, the two battle against Dai-Lust in hopes to defeat them to end the alien invasion of Earth.

Sayuka from Beat Angel Escalayer R

Madoka Kouenji

Madoka is Sayuka’s closest friend who more importantly is a support android designed to serve Escalayer. Before Kyouhei, Madoka was the one providing sexual satisfaction to help Sayuka transform into Escalayer and perform well in battle. Equipped with various body-attached hidden weapons, she is more than capable of defending herself if such need arises.

Madoka from Beat Angel Escalayer R

Ryouko Kiritani

A seductive neighbor of Kyouhei who recently moved into the house next to Sayuka’s. Ryouko is known as a kindhearted person who tends to offer grown-up advice for the two when approached in need of help. But living a double life, can she be trusted…?

Ryouko from Beat Angel Escalayer R

Kyouhei Yanase

A story followed mostly from the perspective of Kyouhei, he aids Sayuka in the battle to defeat Dai-lust by providing sexual satisfaction which allows Sayuka to transform into Escalayer, the Earth’s mightiest warrior.

Kyouhei and Sayuka are childhood friends, but when the two finally met for the longest time, the reunion was not the most pleasant one. Seemingly pretending as if he didn’t exist, Sayuka acted distant until Kyouhei managed to find out about her true nature.

Kyouhei from Beat Angel Escalayer R


Filled with beautiful and interesting monster designs, Beat Angel Escalayer R has plenty of enemies that hold a funny backstory to them, giving more than enough reason for a giggle or two for how silly they can be sometimes.

Despite carrying an all-out invasion of planet Earth, these alien-like monsters are not to be taken seriously, they are here to merely cause harm on the level of childish mischief. By pranking citizens and causing mild discomfort, their actions mostly go as far as bringing down the cities’ peaceful nature.

Movie man from Beat Angel Escalayer R

Beat Angel Escalayer R Gameplay

Tied to a day & night system, in Beat Angel Escalayer R, you go through multiple phases each day in which you will take part in both turn-based combat and interactable visual novel story. Battle monsters to protect cities and follow the progressing story which you may influence from time to time with player-driven choices.

Beat Angel Escalayer R Battle Scene Against a Demon Monster

City Protection

Scout information about your enemies to make them available to battle against. You can only scout one enemy per day while leaving the rest to wreak havoc upon a city, thus breaking its peace which in result draws you closer to Game Over. Defeat the enemies before they can bring the city’s public order to zero.

Beat angel Escalayer City protection system
Beat Angel Escalayer Map Screen

Battle System

Transforming into Escalayer, Sayuka is able to fight her enemies using attacks and skills dictated by a roulette-based RNG system which you have the opportunity to influence before each battle by selecting different passive and active skills that you wish to bring with you.

The battles play out as automated turn-based combat with no actual player interaction required that would determine the outcome of the battle based on skill. Victory is achieved outside battles by preparing for the upcoming challenges, whether it is making Escalayer stronger via increased stats or picking out the right skills for the job.

Character stats play a vital role in battles in terms of who comes out as the stronger opponent, you or the enemy. For example, If your attack is lower than your enemy’s defense, you will be at a disadvantage and your attacks will do half damage. Also, if your defense is lower than your enemy’s attack, again, you will be at a disadvantage and you will take double damage. How you choose to distribute your stat points for Escalayer will determine the level of challenge you will be facing down the line.

Sexy Succubus from Beat Angel Escalayer R

Player choices

Almost every player-driven action follows some sort of consequence, whether it is experiencing an erotic event or simply affecting your stats. Beat Angel Escalayer R offers multiple story routes for you to follow all of which are tied to H-scenes. Like mentioned before, there are 5 endings in total. How you perform in battles and what actions you choose to take during the story moments will determine the unique erotic events that you will be experiencing.

Player decisions in Beat Angel Escalayer R

Beat Angel Escalayer R Hentai

Giant Monster cock about to fuck Escalayer

Beat Angel Escalayer R offers its players both vanilla and hardcore hentai and a personal H-route which to walk depending on your taste. The multiple routes tied to your actions during dialogue and in combat, while offering more adult content to experience, do force you to play the game more than once or twice in order to experience all the adult scenes. When cutscenes take place, they will automatically be recorded to your H-gallery despite if loading to a previous save file. Whether you wish to use this to your advantage to experience most of the adult scenes in a single walkthrough or not is completely up to you. Overall, there are well over 50 unique H-scenes for you to experience!

From Monster girls to lesbian Futanari, BDSM, and tentacles, Beat Angel Escalayer got it all and then some! While Escalayer is the star of the story who occupies most of the H-scenes, there are also scenes of Madoka and Ryouko, as well as some defeated monster girls and non-monster girls which you get to enjoy.

Typical to many adult games with a combat system, Beat Angel Escalayer R rewards the player upon being defeated in combat by offering an H-scene.

There is a hentai gallery that you can access by going to the main menu and entering either CG or Scene Replay mode to relive the best parts of the H-scenes!

The English version of Beat Angel Escalayer R (available on MangaGamer) can be experienced without any censoring of private parts.

Escalayer getting sexually dominated by a girl

If what you have read here got you excited, you can purchase Beat Angel Escalayer R from MangaGamer to enjoy the game both in English and without censoring.

Beat Angel Escalayer started as an eroge series created by Alicesoft but also received a 3-episode OVA animated by Pink Pineapple in 2002. Escalayer is also a featured character in Alicesoft’s Japanese exclusive Battle RPG eroge “超昂大戦 エスカレーションヒロインズ(or simply known in English: Escalation Heroines) which is a crossover of all the major Alicesoft games where you do battle against well-known heroes and heroines while enjoying erotic scenes where characters from different titles get mixed. You can watch the official trailer from YouTube.

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