Evenicle 2 English Version Released!

Evenicle 2 characters preparing to strike

Having announced the end of adult video game coverage here on the website, naturally, I completely missed on Evenicle 2 English release on February 23, 2022, but I am happy to let you know in case you missed it, you and the rest of the western audience can now play one of the most anticipated Alicesoft games since DoHna DoHna.

Regardless of the website’s current take on adult games going forward, Evenicle 2 is a game I personally have been looking forward to playing, and just yesterday, used my remaining credits on Johren to purchase a copy to play. However, whether I will make any content of it for you to learn more about this title, remains to be seen as I am currently busy with my new line of work: NSFW 3D adult art.

You can learn more about Evenicle 2 by watching the trailer and checking the description to see what the game has to offer. Note that I have already played the English demo and a great amount of the Japanese full version which the description is based on, so the description is as relevant now as it was before.

For those wondering, fear not, Alicesoft had promised not to change anything about their game for the western audience, so the English version is as authentic as the Japanese one.

You can purchase Evenicle 2 from various online retailers such as; Kagura Games, MangaGamer, DLsite, Johren, JAST USA, and Nutaku.

For those seeking the game on Steam, know that Steam became off-limits to Evenicle 2 due to the retailer’s concerns about loli content found within the game. Alicesoft however was not willing to censor for Steam, so they saw it best to sell the game on other platforms to preserve the authentic experience. The free English demo for those interested is still available on Steam.

Based on my unfinished Japanese version gameplay with dozens of hours in, Evenicle 2 is a fantastic sequel worth recommending, especially for the fans of the first game. It provides plenty of well-written humor, entertaining characters, a story that keeps you interested, as well as an improved combat system that gives reason to do battle, but most important of all, a ridiculous amount of delicious high-quality adult content to unlock!


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