DoHna DoHna Now in English!

anime characters talking in hideout

In the sudden release of the English localized version of DoHna DoHna published by Shiravune and sold on Johren, my plans to translate the first chapter/episode from the game have come to an unexpected end – to everyone’s joy, I may add.

If you have not heard the news yet, DoHna DoHna – Let’s Do Bad Things Together has received an official translation, all while Alicesoft, the maker of the game, is hard at work localizing Evenicle 2 as an inhouse project. Because of their ongoing project, not many were aware of DoHna DoHna being localized at the same time behind the scenes.

Shiravune is a Tokyo-based visual novel localization team dedicated to bringing Japanese PC games to a wider audience in English. New to the scene, the company was founded in 2019 and has since localized over 20 games, a few of them mainstream titles like Utawarerumono series found on Steam.

Their primary target of games to localize appears to be adult games, and having localized DoHna DoHna, one of the more requested adult games in recent times, it is quite likely that many will be keeping their eyes on this company from now on in hopes to see more heavily requested adult games getting localized as well.

DoHna DoHna Trailer Description Updated!

Having now had the chance to replay DoHna DoHna once more, this time in English, I managed to get through the first few episodes that gave me the chance to update the trailer description with new images and more detailed information for potential customers to learn more about the game before purchase.

You can now enjoy almost a 20-minute long hentai scene from the early game to see how the adult scenes play out exactly. More erotic scenes are yet to be revealed in the near future as I continue to play the game in the coming days. Since November is dedicated to DoHna DoHna, expect more content of the game coming soon!


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