Get Ready for ROOM GIRL!

3D Japanese girl boobs and summer clothes

Only a little more to go before we get our hands on ROOM GIRL!

If you have not heard yet, ROOM GIRL is ILLUSION’s latest game set to release 30th of September 2022 in Japan. You can learn more about it by watching the trailer and checking its description.

Already preparing for its release, I have laid down a few key gameplay aspects I want to cover in greater detail. One is the character customization, and the second is the depth of gameplay, meaning just how much actual gameplay is there and whether it feels meaningful. Last but not least, the adult content, but that was hardly even worth mentioning as it is given considering the nature of my work here.

If you are excited about ROOM GIRL and want to see as much coverage and gameplay of it as possible, you can help to make this happen by going to my Patreon and pledging to “Room Girl by Illusion” tier. The more people pledge, the more I will dedicate time to cover the game and bring raw gameplay footage of it after the launch.

With that said, I am here to bring you yet another update on what ILLUSION has revealed about their game closer to its release. This may be the final update before the next time when I bring actual gameplay!

Matching clothes

In a fashion of factory-produced marketing text, ILLUSION wants to let you know that you are able to customize your characters in any way you desire. By Mixing and matching clothes and changing hair, bodypaint, and accessories, you can create the kind of character fitting for each career role and beyond.

To demonstrate the possibilities, ILLUSION has provided several costume samples for you to take a look at, out of which one is a pre-order bonus and a few are paid DLC.

You can dress your characters for different situations like when going out, sleeping, or taking a bath. A character’s hairstyle can also be changed and saved for a specific action/occasion along with their clothing.

ROOMGIRL HairChange New - Hentai - NSFW

Marine Leisure costume is a pre-order bonus, still available for those who decide to purchase the game via DLsite as one option.

ILLUSION is already preparing to sell you premium costumes such as the “Bondage set” and “Sister set” – Seen below. Naturally, as a Japanese exclusive product, these costumes may be out of reach for western customers or at the very least complicated to acquire.

ROOM Studio

For those who do not know, ROOM studio is a separate software offered with the game that allows players to utilize the game’s assets to create their own scenes for art and video, and of course, to simply fool around.

ILLUSION’s previous games, AI Girl and Koikatsu Party both have similar software provided which has found a whole new customer base in Japan dedicated to it for the simple reason of creative freedom to build unique scenes surrounded by the game’s theme and beyond. It definitely is a very strong selling point on top of the base game.

However, for western customers, this feature has been omitted from the localized version of ILLUSION’s previous games and we are yet to see if the same fate will follow ROOM GIRL when and if the game will be localized.

ROOM Studio will be released later after ROOM GIRL’s launch and ILLUSION has now announced that they will begin to slowly roll out information about the features found in the Studio.

ROOMStudio Coverart - Hentai - NSFW

Physical version

A box art of ROOM GIRL’s physical version has been revealed and it looks beefy! No information about its interior content has been mentioned.

Due to ILLUSION’s policy of not serving customers outside Japan, one cannot simply order the product without a Japanese proxy service that comes with extra fees. To try your luck to find the product, such services are Buyee, Neokyo, and Tenso Japan, just to name a few. The best chance at finding ILLUSION’s products is from Amazon via these mentioned sites.


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