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Innocent Witches is a stunningly beautiful and humorous Point-and-Click Adventure that takes its own spin on the Harry Potter universe using familiar characters and locations you have come to know and love.

The game is currently in development, made by Sad Crab Company. With over 2,000 patrons backing up the project on Patreon, Innocent Witches is anything but an average adult game experience!

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2D Innocent witches azkaban prison cell

Innocent Witches story begins with a mysterious introduction to an ominous man known by many names, who is locked away in the prison of Azkaban. With no memory of his past, the man is simply known as Lord Rattlesnake, but what led him to such a title is still a mystery not only to the player but also to the man himself.

When the Minister of Magic Petrius arrives to see Lord Rattlesnake seeking answers to his own questions with the help of a magical memory device, it is here where your journey begins to relive the past of Rattlesnake as Marcus Redblack, the younger version of himself.

Discover what led Marcus to find himself in Azkaban behind the bars as a criminal. Your answers will await you at Hogwarts, the boarding school of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

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Harry Potter parody point and click adventure game

Meet many of the familiar faces from the Harry Potter universe with appearance and names left unchanged. Advance the story of Marcus Redblack and become acquainted with the characters you have grown to love from the movies.

Talk with the students and faculty members of Hogwarts, make both friends and enemies with them, and enjoy a completely original and lewd take on the Harry Potter story where you play as not The Boy Who Lived but an original character, a man with many names who once graduated from Hogwarts.

2D Harry Potter Class Room Active lesson

Using a typical Point-and-Click system, you have various tools and ways to navigate Hogwarts and interact with its residents.

There are many puzzles to be solved, some requiring discovered items to be dragged from inventory on top of the puzzle to trigger a reaction, others needing to be solved by questioning different characters, as well as a combination of both.

While some puzzles can be very challenging, the game provides a quest log and a hint system to help players in their time of need. There is even an extensive official walkthrough guide provided by the developer.

Labyrinth puzzle solving quest in video game

Innocent Witches introduces dialogue options to the player that has the power to create tougher challenges to overcome or even change the story.

Later in the game, you are given the opportunity to choose one love interest to chase from four options; Luna, Hermione, Daphne, or Susan.

innocent Witches Daphne romance

Send your Message Owl to summon co-workers and students to your office for questioning about troubling matters and seeking solutions to various problems at hand.

You may summon a person by letter to be met on an official or unofficial matter. The more you meet new people at Hogwarts, the more contacts you gain to your list of people to summon.

Severus Snape from Harry Potter 2D

With an advanced day and night cycle system, every action makes time pass. Using a clock in your office you may manipulate the time to your benefit and skip to events of interest happening at a specific time of the day.

Certain events may not only require a specific time of the day but also a specific day of the week to occur. Next to the clock, you will also find the calendar and school program to keep you up to date.

Innocent Witches day and night cycle system

By accessing Dumbledore’s desk, Marcus can train himself in fields of Brutality, Intellect, Perception, and Self-control. Every stats has a level and some events are gated behind them. To unlock these unpassable events, you must first level up the required stat to a certain level before being able to continue.

The more intelligent Marcus is, the easier it will be to solve logic-based puzzles and engage in sophisticated talks.

Perception allows you to cast more complicated spells and may even help your magic remain undetected when using it.

Brutality will affect your physical strength and intimidation. Higher brutality will unlock more aggressive interactions with people and objects.

Self-control will allow you to resist certain erotic sub-context and interactions. It will allow you to complete certain actions that otherwise would fail due to increased arousal.

Point and Click adventure with stats system

Adult Content

innocent witches porn

Hogwarts is a lustful place with many rules against sexual conduct that Marcus must both enforce and try to find a way to loosen up. From time to time, the students will approach you with their mundane problems related to sexual matters in hopes that you as the new headmaster of Hogwarts may find a solution to them.

Work your way to win the respect of the students and your love interests to get in their pants and take advantage of certain opportunities to enjoy them naked. While many of the erotic events are tied to main quests, there are also those that can be discovered on your own.

During sex mini-games, you are given the control to please your woman by clicking various interactable spots on their body. Use bare hands or magic to have your way with them, but watch out for the stress meter that builds up with every selfish action.

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Severus Snape wizard battle

Innocent Witches is a game that can humor almost any fan of Harry Potter, and even those not familiar with the franchise. In addition to getting to enjoy the familiar faces and names of the iconic characters, most of them appear to stay true to their original characteristics…

For example, Hermione Granger is still the know-it-all perfect student, Luna Lovegood has the familiar innocent child-like spirit who is incapable to understand sarcasm and jokes, and Severus Snape is the passive-aggressive man with few words to utter to those who dare to waste his time – Just to name a few.

For any fan of Point-and-Click adventures, Innocent Witches is an easy recommendation! Even when it comes with its fair share of problems, there is not much room to complain when the game is offered for free…

You can download Innocent Witches from or from the developer’s official website. By supporting Sad Crab on their Patreon, you gain access to the game’s latest version.

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