Countess in Crimson Steam Early Access

Countess in Crimson video game banner

From the makers of Cockwork Industries, Digital Seductions, comes a new lewd Point-and-Click adventure, Countess in Crimson. Now on Steam in Early Access with a free demo available!

With no time to waste, the developers plan to exit the Early Access just a few months from now, so even if you do not tend to buy into Early Access titles, know that you do not have to wait for long for the final release.

Early Access is a time for the developers to work with the community to make the full release as polished as possible. While the current Early Access version includes all planned content related to the game’s main story, the final version is promised to include additional side content: a new girl, new locations and side quests, unlocks, etc.

Those who want to experience the game in its entirety in the first playthrough might want to wait for a bit, but for the rest, you can already enjoy the main story in full.

The price for the Early Access and the full release is said to remain the same, so whether you buy it now or later, there is no difference for your wallet.

If you are new to Countess in Crimson, I wrote an article about the game back in March 2021, so give it a quick read to learn more about the title if interested.

For those who want a quick rundown, Countess in Crimson features a gothic horror story with 4 possible endings, animated sex scenes, love interests, personality trait system that impacts romance options, achievements and unlockable gallery content, and optional futanari content.

I am currently in the middle of playing the Early Access version in an effort to bring you raw gameplay footage and more detailed information soon.


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