Nejicomi Simulator – A Virtual Onhahole

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Nejicomi Simulator is an erotic game developed by a Japanese indie developer going by the name “やぶから堂” that was released on Steam on April 1st, 2021. The game features a female character animated using Live2D, a program that allows for the creation of 2D animations that move and change in a realistic way.

Live2D boobs physics in action
Sexy naked 2D anime girl with giant breasts jiggling her boobs

In the game, players control the female character using a mouse to pump her up and down on a sex toy. The game’s physics-based system makes the character’s breasts respond to gravity and speed based on the player’s actions, and the 60FPS Live2D animation adds to the realism of the game. Players can also use a freely movable “bukkake stick” to ejaculate on the character’s face. The character will moan, groan, and scream in pleasure in response to all player actions.

The game offers a variety of settings that players can turn on or off, including glasses, a blindfold, a ballgag, piercings, and more. Players can also change the size and position of the character, as well as manipulate the shape and size of the sex toy. The game is available in Japanese, Chinese, and English.

Nejicomi Simulator Vol.1 is just one of the multiple volumes offered by the developer, each featuring new girls to play with in different manners. However, due to the extremely lewd acts and subject matter, it is unclear whether these games will remain available on the Steam store, particularly Nejicomi Simulator Vol. 2.

In terms of gameplay and value, Nejicomi Simulator may be considered expensive for what it offers. Therefore, it is hard to recommend it for full price, and rather it is recommended for those who are willing to wait for a deep sale. However, when considering that Nejicomi can be used as a desktop mascot by changing its settings to transparent UI, one can play with the virtual Onahole waifu while multitasking, thus increasing its value.

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