What a Legend! – Hilarious Point-and-Click Fantasy Adventure!

2D Sexy shepherdess with orange hair

If you like point-and-click adventures, you are going to love What a Legend and its outstanding humoristic story sprinkled with erotic elements throughout the journey.

Developed by MagicNuts, with over 1,000 patrons backing up the project, What a Legend is shaping out to be a fantastic story full of giggles and outright laughter!

Erotic point and click fantasy adventure game

You play as a young horny adventurer who you get to name yourself and begin your quest for booty in a new kingdom full of sexy opportunities. But as destiny interferes with your personal plans, you are faced with a magical elf claiming to be the queen of a kingdom that was stolen from her.

Now looking to build an army for herself to take back what is rightfully hers, you end up aiding the queen on this noble quest but not without a lustful reward worthy of such a heavy task…

Super sexy elf queen with giant tits

What a Legend throws you into a whimsical world of magic and fantasy creatures as a not-so-ordinary young man with nothing much going on for himself other than chasing one woman after another in hopes to get lucky.

Despite being still in development, the game has plenty to offer, so much so that you end up spending most of your time outside the kingdom walls helping your love interests with their troubles and getting into all kinds of mess from which you must puzzle your way out of, all this before you get to taste what is on the other side of the walls.

Drunk elf woman in rags surrounded by sheeps near kingdom walls

What a Legend does not try to shove its pornographic content down your throat thinking that is all you came for, but instead, it wins you over with clever writing and exciting adventure before even introducing you to the first main sex scene.

But once you do get to the highlight of the game, you will quite likely find the content more than pleasing for the eye. The sex scenes are often partly animated with simple options to control the speed of the sex. Guided by stunningly beautiful artwork, these erotic scenes are sure to motivate you to complete all the quests.

sexy pixy with big tits fucking a human

Each new character the game introduces you to, either male or female, will quickly become an instant favorite for more reasons than one. Everyone has something interesting going on for themselves, like for example, an old ugly sexually unsatisfied hag forcing an unwanted marriage over a shepherdess with fat and filthy gatekeeper who is only looking to tap the girl’s young ass.

Naturally, you will intervene like the hero you are and try to find a solution to this problem that will satisfy everyone, but the path to shared happiness will end up requiring the kind of sacrifice many would think twice before going through, and the reward for the player is pure comedy gold! This is but one of the many great quests within the game.

2D town meeting ugly old hag and filthy fat gatekeeper

What a Legend gives you the freedom to explore the world at your own pace. Using a crystal ball given to you by the queen, this magical item will be your best friend to decide which love interest to go after, but you are not limited by this decision, as you are free to chase the girls in whatever order you like and more than one at the same time.

The magic ball also acts as a way to enjoy the erotic scenes you have unlocked along your journey, as well as reveal the answer to your troubling questions as to where to go and what to do when feeling lost.

Crystal Ball revealing secrets

With a well-implemented day and night cycle system, some events require you to visit them at a certain time of the day. While you can easily just pass time with a single click of a button at your tent to skip to the right time to continue a specific quest, there are still other quests you may want to continue to work on while waiting for time to pass naturally.

The kingdom might look small at a glance but it hides several layers of interesting locations to visit. The area outside the inner kingdom alone, divided into two major sections, can take you several hours to complete.

What a legend video game kingdom world map overview

You are free to pursue the main quest that will lead you inside the main kingdom, but know that the world of What a Legend is home to some hilarious side quests highly recommended not to be skipped.

Getting to know all the love interests of the game and complete their quests will lead you down a path from which you do not wish to step out. What a Legend will always leave you craving for a continued story!

Sexy Shepherdess entering a kingdom with sheeps

For those pondering whether wanting to jump into yet another text-based adventure, the text in What a Legend is often presented to the player very short, easy, and pleasant to read, and the characters themselves never appear to say anything that would not help push the story forward.

The developer respects your time and knows how to create meaningful dialogue without undermining the importance of character development. You can jump in without a worry about getting overwhelmed by walls of text.

2D two men in forest talking to each other character dialogue options

If you are sold on giving What a Legend a try, you will be happy to hear that the game is completely free. By visiting the MagicNuts’ official website, you can start downloading the game right away!

Update: learn more about the game by watching the What a Legend Introduction video.

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