Orc Massage | New Character: Lady Balloon

3D practice Doll from Orc Massage

Lady Balloon has been introduced as the latest new character in Orc Massage! Perhaps you were expecting a sexy new Monster girl but everyone needs to learn the basics using a practice doll before getting to lay their fingers on the real deal. You would not want to disappoint your customers, now do you?

Given to you by your Goblin boss as a way to practice how to massage right, this little practice doll is going to be the first thing you see when beginning your job as a professional stress reliever in Orc Massage. Think of her as a tutorial level for new players.

Lady Balloon getting a massage in orc massage game

Lady Balloon is not the only thing worth talking about, Torch Studio has been hard at work bringing you new content like cutscenes featuring the Goblin boss and Elf’s first visit to the Orc Massage. What is notable about these cutscenes is that they try to stay true to the Manga following each scene as shown in their corresponding pages.

Green Goblin Boss from Orc Massage
Elf looking frustrated from Orc Massage

Ever so slowly, Tigirl is shaping out to be more of a feline character both physically and mentally. The devs have focused to increase her animal nature, as well as improve the character model, making her face and body even more refined and sexy than before!

Sexy naked tiger girl from Orc Massage

You thought Lady Balloon was surprising? Wait till you see Mermaid enjoying her natural habitat in the water while getting massaged, now that’s five-star service right there! Too bad for the room and furniture though, hope the client is worth it…

Elf walking in pool of water in work massage

Currently, there are 7 massageable characters in the game and we are yet to see if more are coming in the future. Robot and Dragon girl both still have some work cut out for them before getting featured more prominently, and the rest also enjoy their time being refined and ready to get pushed out for the demo for everyone to enjoy.

  • Elf
  • Black Harpy
  • Tigirl
  • Mermaid
  • Robot Girl
  • Dragon Girl
  • Lady Balloon

I am yet to bring you an updated gameplay look at the current demo version of Orc Massage featuring Black Harpy but hope to get around it soon! If you are new to Orc Massage, you can learn more about the game by watching the raw gameplay demo video showcasing the original first character, the Elf.

If you wish to experience Orc Massage yourself, support Torch Studio on Patreon to gain access to the playable demo and more!

Stay tuned for more Orc Massage news in the future! For more sex simulators, check out The Villain Simulator and Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft. And for more sexy Monster girls, check out Monster Girl Island, Breeders of the Nephelym, and Cloud Meadow.


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