RoboLife-Days with Aino – Erotic Visual Novel

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RoboLife-Days With Aino is an erotic visual novel about a young man who discovers a female Android from a dump and takes it back home to help him graduate from Ahroy Academy, a prestigious school known for its prowess in AI technology.

Living under the same roof as a virgin man and an android with no memory of its past is sure to offer the audience excitingly chaotic and heart-pounding moments of light-hearted comedy…

RoboLife-Days with Aino is set to launch on Steam with a release date yet to be announced. Despite some of the images displaying in Chinese, know that the game has been confirmed to have an official English version.

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RoboLife-Days With Aino Gameplay

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Aino, an android discovered by our male protagonist, is incapable to recall her past and now relies on her newly found male friend to help her rediscover who she is. On the other hand, our yet-to-be-announced nameless male protagonist hopes to learn more about robotics in order to graduate. Making a deal to help each other out, the two set to live together under the same roof. Will Aino be able to learn who she truly is or will her new life offer an opportunity to make a new of herself.

The story offers partially voiced characters and original soundtrack and audio. It is promised to have over 8,000 lines of dialogue and multiple endings.

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Make Aino go to work

Make Aino work at her job or offer assistance to other citizens in order to gain rewards and unlock new events.

Aino will have three main jobs, each with three increasingly difficult stages. To optimize her and unlock more difficult tasks, swap out Aino’s head, body, and hands.

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Character Customization

You are able to customize Aino to your liking by changing her clothes in various different styles and colors. The changes and upgrades you choose for her will stick throughout the game.

customize your android

Side characters

RoboLife-Days with Aino will feature a tiny cast of side characters. Niya, for example, is made by professor Gustav, designed to be the secretary android in Ahroy Academy.

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RoboLife-Days with Aino Hentai

Sex with hot female android in kimono

RoboLife-Days with Aino is promised to offer plenty of naughty H-events and H-CGs, as well as general Ecchi moments.

Lewd moments and endings are unlocked after completing different jobs. Aino’s system will develop bugs as she works. You will need to get creative and use *special* repair techniques to help her recover…

The game features a CG Gallery at which you may view and enjoy all the lewd scenes you have encountered during your playthrough.

doggy style sex with android

RoboLife-Days with Aino reminds me of Battle Angel Alita or Chobits turned lewd. Both of these are anime that begins with a guy who finds a robot from a pile of garbage, with Chobits being closer to RoboLife in a romantic-sense.

You can Wishlist RoboLife-Days with Aino on Steam to be notified when the game receives its release date and when it finally releases. Once the game is out, I will be covering the game in more detail and provide a review of it for those seeking confirmation whether the game is right for them or not.

If you found the game interesting enough to support the developer, you can do so by going to Barance Studio’s Patreon to become a patron. For more news on RoboLife, follow the developer on Twitter.

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