Silicon Lust – Episodic Erotic Horror Game

Creepy Life size 3D bunny lying on floor

Silicon Lust is a horror-themed adult game currently in development, made by Auril3D together with Lumistra. Taking its inspiration from the 80s and 90s horror/slasher movies and survival horror games made by Capcom and Konami, Silicon Lust is aimed to be an episodic game featuring multiple playable characters, each with their own scary story to experience that in addition to the eerie atmosphere are filled with lewd events to enjoy!

Creepy life size bunny lying on bed in front of a sexy woman

Silicon Lust Gameplay

In the first episode currently available for the players to try out, we get to play as a girl named Kira, who is home alone in the middle of a global epidemic while her parents are stuck at an airport.

When enjoying her day spying on the neighbors as usual, out of nowhere, Kira receives a strange package delivered to her door. Inside she finds a life-size bunny which in tradition to western horror movies she accepts without questioning the situation any further. What follows are strange phenomena that set the right mood for Silicon Lust’s erotic horror atmosphere!

The gameplay is mostly a simulation, in which the player will carry out simple tasks while drawing closer to the next lewd scene followed by eerie events.

Silicon Lust can be described as an interactive experience, one that is in its early development stage, but already interesting to follow thanks to its story that feels familiar from typical western horror movies while offering something new by adding a lewd take on it.

sexy schoolgirl with miniskirt checking phone in bathroom

Within a 20-minute long demo, Silicon Lust does not waste time to show the good stuff. Already providing three prominent lewd scenes to enjoy, these erotic events demonstrate not only the capability of the developers to create high-quality animations but also provide a story that blends well with the sexual content.

Kira’s story is only the first glimpse into what Silicon Lust has in store, but it already gives a solid understanding for the player of its perverted and hardcore nature that is fitting for a horror title.

What is already clear from what we have seen is that the story utilizes dream-like states that provide an opportunity for the developers to go wild and break the limits of reality to bring cocks of monstrous size and who knows what else. Silicon Lust may very well ground its stories close to reality, but this does not stop the characters from experiencing supernatural events that can spice up the adult scenes.

Sexy 3D woman giving a blowjob to a guy in bunny costume

Download Silicon Lust demo and try the game for yourself by visiting Auril3D’s Patreon. To keep up with the development progress of the game, stay here at Eroguysensei. For more horror-themed adult games, check out Lust Epidemic, Sinisistar, and Anthophobia.


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