Action Taimanin – New Character Reveal | Su Jinglei joins the action in January 2021!

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Su Jinglei is the newest playable Taimanin character in the popular Action Taimanin game, available both for PC [Steam] and Mobile [Android & iOS]. Action Taimanin is a Free-to-Play Gacha Action RPG, developed by Lilith.

As part of the Chinese Union, Su Jinglei has been brought to Japan to investigate an anti-government terrorist organization known as the VF [Venam Liberation Armed Forces]. As part of her operation, she is requested to join Fuuma and his Taimanin task force consisting of Asagi, Sakura, and Yukikaze.

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Su has been part of the main story in Action Taimanin almost from the very start but it is only now that we see her becoming available for gameplay. Su Jinglei is going to be released 19th of January, 2021. Only less than a week away!

What we are looking at is a melee fighter character, a typical brawler class, and a fun-looking one at that! Each Taimanin is equipped with their unique weapon to carry. For example, Asagi wields a katana, Sakura uses twin daggers, and Yukikaze rocks with dual pistols. Su has been given heavy gauntlets, as is the trademark of a brawler class.

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Personally, I have not been part of the Action Taimanin community long enough to say whether Su was a community-requested long-awaited character, but for a character that has already been written in the story, it is no wonder why Su Jinglei became the fifth newest Taimanin addition to the game. She definitely looks like a new favorite in my eyes and someone I am looking forward to getting to play in the future.

Currently, I am making a playthrough of Action Taimanin using my favorite character Sakura Igawa. She is someone I will be sticking with until I get the chance to switch to Su Jinglei. Naturally, one will have to first unlock Su before able to play her…

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Su’s price is still unknown but if she follows the same pattern as the two latest characters (Yatsu Murasaki & Emmily Simmons), we can only assume she will cost 1,200 gems as well. For any newcomers who are unfamiliar with the pricing of Taimanin characters in Action Taimanin, you might be in for a shock. I placed a picture of the current price table below so you get a better idea of what you would be paying to get to play her…

Action Taimanin 29 - Hentai - NSFW

While Gems can be obtained simply by playing the game, it is behind a tremendous wall of grind, so if you are a newcomer with no intention of paying for the character, you might be looking to get to play Su Jinglei in the distant future. A system like this is nothing I would give praise for, but we are talking about a free-to-play Gacha game, so this is nothing new to the genre. Having said that, I do not wish to discourage any newcomers to jump into playing Action Taimanin.

Thus far, the game has been a joyful experience, one that I am looking to get more into. Taimanin universe is rich with lore and full of adult games, something worth checking out. If you have never heard of Taimanin Asagi before, you might want to start your journey by getting to know its animated adult films.

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Action Taimanin is an ever-growing Gacha game that introduces new playable Taimanin characters and gorgeous sexy outfits for them regularly. If there is a specific Taimanin you know of, there is a fine chance that she might be introduced in the game eventually as Action Taimanin enjoys the luxury of not being limited to a certain pool of Taimanins which they can utilize in their game. There are lots of Taimanin characters in the Taimanin universe and no one is off the table. As part of the Action Taimanin community, you have the power to influence the matter of which Taimanins get introduced in the game sooner or later.

If you are looking to kill time by enjoying a casual care-free action game while feasting your eyes on something nice to look at, Action Taimanin offers sexy ninjas in skimpy outfits and fast-paced action combat. Power up your phone app store [Android or iOS] or Steam and get your Taimanin journey started today!

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