Sapphire Safari Developer Update

Sexy yellow anthro bunny posing for the camera

It has been a long time since I last updated you on Sapphire Safari, an upcoming 3D furry hentai game inspired by Pokemon Snap – Developed by Kinky Fridays who is also bringing you an erotic match-3 puzzle game: Under Contract! and has already released Pieces of my Heart, available on Steam.

The team at Kinky Fridays has been quite active on and Steam, releasing developer updates of their latest progress on Sapphire Safari consistently. I have brought you a quick summary of some of the major updates and reveals thus far…

Loppuny-like monster girl in Sapphire Safari

Gameplay features

Choose your gender! Sapphire Safari lets you now experience its world and adult content either as a male or female which naturally decides what type of sex you will be enjoying with the furry creatures.

Kinky Fridays introduced a wristwatch UI that takes care of most of the game’s user interface, leaving the screen clean and empty to enjoy more of what the world has to offer. Everything is integrated into the wristwatch from your photo gallery to inventory, quest log, monster library, and more.

Promising five maps in total for the finished product, you will be accessing different areas of the game from your exploration boat, similar to Pokemon Snap.

A scoring system has been revealed that provides reason to capture beautiful pictures of the monster girls in the wild. Similar to Pokemon-snap, the better pictures you take, the more points you score which in return progresses your research level.

3D woman scoring player-taken photos on a boat

Human Characters

Sapphire Safari has introduced human characters, Professor Frida who is the main quest giver and photo judge, as well as two playable characters, Jamie and Oscar.

When you choose either of the two playable characters, the other one becomes an NPC that you will be seeing in the game. Note that once a selection has been made, the decision is final and the only way to change it is to start a new game.

Both playable characters have been promised to have cosmetics later down the line to provide customization options.

In the image below, the little bunny is just for scale to see how tall the humans are compared to the monster girls.

Sex Simulator

Naturally, you will be most interested in knowing what type of adult content you will be experiencing in Sapphire Safari exactly. Well, now we know. In addition to taking sexy photos of the wild monster girls in their natural habitat, you will be able to see them mating and also join in with your human character.

The game features a human-on-monster girl and monster girl-on-monster girl sex. The female monster girls can be futanari which expands the possibilities within the sex simulator.

SapphireSafari Lesbian - Hentai - NSFW

Monster Girls

You have seen sexy bunnies thus far, but those of you who have not been following Sapphire Safari so close will be happy to learn that the developers have revealed more furry monster girls for you to enjoy. These are tigers, apes, and deer, just to name a few. More is yet to be revealed in the future.

To boost monster girl variations, there is a color palette that allows your favorite monster girls to be enjoyed in slightly different designs. You will be discovering them in the wild as you explore.

Sexy deer and bunny girls posing for the camera

Snow Map

First of all, I have to apologize to my readers for having mistakenly introduced Sapphire Safari as an on-rails type of game when I first discovered it. In case there was any confusion on this part, do note that the game is actually open-world in which you are free to explore different kinds of maps with unique themes.

One such theme is the new winter map introduced back in December 2022. From your boat, you will be able to access different maps to explore.

Winter island in Sapphire Safari

Halloween update

Echo the Bat and Skully the Horror are the two new monster girls introduced back in October 2022. You can find them in the nighttime expedition on the Moana Tropic map.

SapphireSafari HalloweenUpdate - Hentai - NSFW

Get Early Access and play Sapphire Safari today, available on! If you are interested to follow Kinky Fridays on their quest to develop Sapphire Safari, you can follow their progress on Steam’s news hub.

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