What’s new in Orc Massage 2022

Cute Sexy tiger monster girl from Orc Massage

It has been a while since I covered Orc Massage. Despite this, ever since I laid my eyes on the game back in 2020, I haven’t stopped supporting the project on Patreon, and thanks to this, access to the exclusive news and images of the game’s development progress has remained open for me to collect and share with you.

If you have not been following news about Orc Massage as of late, then this is a perfect opportunity for you to have everything summarized for a quick read and enjoy all the new lewd H-scenes!

New furniture designs

All the characters have received an exclusive set of furniture to match their own theme and the furniture system of Orc Massage. For example, BlackHarpy’s furniture is mostly built out of wood and blue ropes.

Harpy on phone in massage parlor


Currently in the making, the Mermaid is perhaps the most interesting character addition to Orc Massage due to her nature of requiring water. Torch Studio went up and beyond providing this unique character her own water theme and H-animations.

While every character has their exclusive furniture to bring out their theme, Mermaid goes even further by having the massage room filled with water in which the Orc can make waves while massaging her.

Mermaid resting in pool of water inside a room

Tigirl cutscenes

As you might already know, each character has their own cutscene introduction to Orc Massage, a short story that led them to the local massage parlor. Tigar is the latest character with an introduction reveal that is adapted from the first chapter of the Tigirl Manga.

Before Tigirl, we had the pleasure to learn more about BlackHarpy’s backstory, a character spending too much time on her phone. As one would expect, she developed neck pain due to excess phone time which led her to learn about the Orc Massage.

Black Harpy sitting in gym locker room


Orc Massage features several loveable monster girls; Harpy, Elf, Tigirl, Mermaid, Robot, and Dragon. When I first began covering Orc Massage, the game only had H-animations for the Elf character (back in 2020). As of today, Harpy, Elf, Tigirl, and Mermaid have H-animations, albeit still in development.

Some aspects of the existing H-animations have been improved, for example, the Elf character now has cutscenes during her H-scenes.

Sexy naked elf riding orc cock 3D

General customers

In addition to the VIP customers, Torch Studio has implemented general customers that provide custom characters to the game. These faceless figures can be customized with different body parts to make humans and monster girls to massage.

Multiple general Customers in Orc Massage

For more Orc Massage related news and videos, check out Robot Girl, Lady Balloon, and Black Harpy Sex Demonstration. To play Orc Massage in Early Access or simply wishlist the game, visit Steam.


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