Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Release Date!

Release date of Goddess of Victory NIKKE Mobile game

Get ready to protect the Ark and with it the remaining resistance of humanity against the mechanical apocalypse known as the Rapture! Goddess of Victory: NIKKE will release globally on November 4th, 2022! Pre-download is available right now on the App Store and Google Play.

If you are not familiar with NIKKE, it is an ecchi sci-fi RPG shooter developed by Shift Up – The developer behind Stellar Blade formerly known as Project EVE. Build your army of cute and sexy waifus to battle evil machines and enjoy impressive butt and boobs physics in midst of intense combat. Watch the trailer to learn more.

Launch Rewards

Know that you can get some pre-registration rewards so certainly take advantage of that if you know you will be there playing NIKKE on day one. There are also daily login bonuses from November 4 to November 18. Log in for 7 days to get 13 recruit vouchers, 300 Gems (Good for 1 draw), equipment, and lots of development materials. Check the Global Launch Rewards for more detail.

NIKKEs - Hentai - NSFW


The NIKKE team has provided Q&A on their website for you to have your questions answered about the pre-download in case you need any help with that.

In the Q&A we can learn a couple of interesting things like that the NIKKE team is considering a PC version of the game after the mobile launch. And that the main plot is dubbed in Korean, Japanese, and English depending on your device settings at first but can quickly be changed to your preferred language.

NIKKE will have several servers to support its player base that include Korea, Japan, North America, Southeast Asia, and a Global server which is in Europe. Naturally, it is recommended to choose a server closest to your geographical location.

A good thing to know is that your NIKKE game data can be transferred between iOS and Android, but only for non-guest accounts, meaning you will have to have an account created for the game.

In case of any problems or questions, you can contact the NIKKE team by emailing help@nikke-en.com.

NIKKE Q&A billboard

I will be personally checking out NIKKE later this week and see if it is something that has the potential to receive consistent news and updates here at Eroguysensei. At the very least, you will be hearing my first impressions and thoughts of the game that will highlight things like the progression speed, unlocking new waifus, and microtransactions.


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