The Villain Simulator New Character Reveal: Synth

Sexy 3D female android inspired by mass effect EDI

The Villain Simulator: Synth

The Villain Simulator continues to make major progress with its development! Announced back in December 2020, ZnelArts introduced a new character to his highly-anticipated VR Porn game.

Meet Synth, an advanced futuristic artificial intelligence, packaged inside a body of a jaw-droppingly sexy female android. One does not need to be Einstein to figure out from what game this beautiful creation was inspired…

Synth’s head design strongly follows the pattern of EDI from Mass Effect, while the rest of her body has a completely unique look to it. Personally, I think ZnelArts nailed the design as the character appears more attractive than the original one. her many air holes was a clever choice to be added, a true eye-capturer, don’t you agree?

Synth’s role in the game will be guiding the player through the tutorial. Those with instant build access can already get to experience her. If you have not yet become a patron of ZnelArts, I highly recommend you to do so in order to reap the benefits of early test-build goodies such as Synth.

Naturally, one can expect to see Synth participating in the sexual torture beyond the basic tutorial. Just like any other girl in the game, you will get to have your fun with her eventually.

With Tifa, B2, Felicia, Catwoman, and now Synth in the game, who is your favorite character, and who would you like to see added next?

Villain 10 1 - Hentai - NSFW

If you are new to The Villain Simulator, you can watch the gameplay demonstration video featuring all the current female characters in the game, not including Synth. With more new gameplay content coming in the future, stay tuned!

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