Scarlet Maiden Pixel Roguelite

pixel girls fighting in dungeon

Coming soon set with a release date of 2022 on Steam, Scarlet Maiden is an erotic action-adventure with roguelite element offering cute pixel-crafted graphics and lots of eye candy with adorably sexy monster girls to enjoy.

From the creator of Crystal Goddess (Otterside Games), Scarlet Maiden strives to improve the player experience in every aspect; gameplay, level design, combat, and boss battles!

pixel girls fighting in dungeon


This time around the levels are randomly generated dungeons. Each time you enter, the experience is promised to be different with new paths to find, different types of monsters to fight, and new items to discover.

As mentioned before, Scarlet Maiden is a roguelite in which the player is expected to die a lot but with each death comes back more powerful to try again.

Sexy green big titty anime girl in dungeon

Unlockable Abilities

Instead of collecting crystals like in Crystal Goddess to upgrade your character, now the player collects Sin to unlock abilities from a skill tree.

Not only are the dungeons randomly generated but the weapons, spells, and items are too.

Sin is a currency used to upgrade your character, gained from completing quests in the dungeon. Build your own playstyle by focusing on melee or ranged attacks.

Scarlet Maiden Skill tree

Sinner’s Rest

A place to upgrade your character with new abilities, weapons, and amulets, the Sinner’s Rest is a safe haven where the dangers of the dungeon will not follow and where friendly faces help you defeat the forces of evil by providing their services to build you stronger.

ScarletMaiden 2 - Hentai - NSFW
ScarletMaiden 1 - Hentai - NSFW
ScarletMaiden 3 - Hentai - NSFW

Misty’s Quest

Misty is one of the residents of Sinner’s Rest who gives you a quest to retrieve her stolen items and in return rewards you with lewd scenes to enjoy!

Pixel woman with giant breasts in dungeon

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