Last Harem – Anime Sex Simulator 2023

Cute naked anime girl with pink hair

Last Harem is a simplistic yet imaginative sex simulator and a clicker game providing its players the ability to play with cute and sexy anime characters using various tools like sex machines, tentacles, orcs, and more, while also providing several different locations some of which are not so typical by usual standards in this genre.

Despite its marketing being done in Japanese, the game supports the English language option, thus making navigating the game’s extensive UI and menu system a lot easier. While the text is provided in English, the voice acting remains in Japanese.

Made in Unity, Last Harem became available on DLsite on October 26th, 2023, so we are talking about a fresh title with little to no reviews at this point in time.

Green goblin fucking a cute anime girl

The premise of the game

Last Harem features a minimalistic story guided by NPC dialogue aimed to give a purpose to all the sex happening in the game. To put it simply, you are the only man alive with the mission to impregnate as many women as possible to save mankind.

The game’s objective is to impregnate women relentlessly, and the more, the merrier. You also have the option to automate impregnations using machinery. Aim to impregnate a target of 10 billion people to rescue humanity.

The game’s core mechanics revolve around a simple clicker game, but the more you click, the more efficient your impregnation efforts become. You can, for instance, invest in impregnation factories to enhance your efficiency or explore diverse options like the protagonist undergoing tentacle mutations for widespread impregnation. The game offers a rich array of choices for enjoying the impregnation experience.

With a simple touch feature, you can click on women and enjoy their reactions. Rapid clicking will increase the voltage gauge, and when the gauge reaches its maximum, you can finish (ejaculate) and impregnate the women.

Sexy dark elf getting impregnated by tentacles

Meet your playmates

Besides your typical human playmate, Last Harem offers Elves, Dwarfs, and Onis (aka demons) to elevate your experience. These characters each hold their own simplistic story to give a reason for how they ended up in your arms.

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Main Content

Last Harem provides up to 13 erotic animations, 3 episodes, one type of minigame, and 2 endings. Some of the fetishes include; Cowgirl position, blowjob, footjob, tentacles, orcs, and machines.

If what you read got you excited, you can get Last Harem on DLsite. The developer, Kokuyudou (Official name: 穀雨堂) has not made other games available at this point.


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