Uchuu Youhei Alicia ~Igyou no Shokushu Seibutsu ni Tanetsukesarete~ Erotic Visual Novel

Two sexy sci-fi anime girls from Uchuu Youhei Alicia

Uchuu Youhei Alicia (or officially known in Japanese: 宇宙傭兵アリシア) is an Adult Visual Novel developed by Dieselmine, released back in 2017. In this simplistic sci-fi-themed story filled with hardcore slimy tentacle hentai, you follow Alicia and her failed attempt to rescue Mia from her alien captors.

Despite the lack of official English translation for the game, Uchuu Youhei Alicia is not a difficult story to follow. With a bit of context given here, the rest of your experience with the game can be an enjoyable and smooth one!

Uchuu Youhei Alicia Cover Art

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Uchuu Youhei Alicia Story

Alicia gets captured by aliens from Uchuu Youhei Alicia

In a world where space travel has been long-achieved and aliens exist together with humans, Alicia, a skilled mercenary and our star of the story, is sent on a mission to rescue the president’s kidnapped daughter (Mia) from an alien slave colony. However, soon upon arrival, our heroine gets captured. Due to Alicia’s excellent genes, she gets turned into a tool for a scientific sexual experiment carried by her captors which involves lots of alien rape.

The alien colony to which Mia was sold as a slave acts as a base of operation for human experiments. Here those unfortunate enough to be sold have to go through countless sexual experiments which test the limits of the female human body and their capability to act as hosts for alien birth.


Alicia is a space mercenary wearing tight sexy skin-suit power armor. Due to her superior gene bestowing her the ability to regenerate, she is an ideal subject for the human experiment program carried by the aliens in the sex slave colony.

When the news of Mia being abducted by space pirates came to pass, Alicia took the news quite personally. Despite being a mere mercenary for hire, Mia is not just any girl to be rescued, she is like a little sister to Alicia as the two share a history together. Because of this, without wasting any time, Alicia did not hesitate to go alone, but like many before her, she also ended up getting captured…

Alicia Infiltrating Alien Sex Slave Colony


Mia is the daughter of the president of the Galactic Federation who got abducted by space pirates and sold to an alien slave colony. She is an honest person beloved by her people, though a bit ignorant of the ways of the world. Mia’s pure childlike innocence is on the verge of being corrupted by the slave colony’s ruler Gagandi.

Mia being Captured by Aliens from Uchuu Youhei Alicia


Jawa is an alien that resembles something of a reptile. He is the person entrusted to manage the reproduction experiment program carried in the slave colony. Thanks to his brilliant mind and passion for Earth and its literature, Jawa has enriched his life with the knowledge of the human language, thus making him capable of communicating with Alicia unlike the rest of his fellow aliens around him.

Jawa from Uchuu Youhei Alicia


Gagandi is a giant repulsive-looking alien and the ruler of the slave colony. Incapable of speaking the human language, he leaves the translation work to his subordinate Jawa. To pass time, Gagandi has found female creatures of different species as a form of hobby, sexually tormenting and impregnating them for his own sadistic pleasure. Female humans from planet Earth are especially to his liking.

Gagandi from Uchuu Youhei Alicia

Uchuu Youhei Alicia Gameplay

Choose your alien sex scene from Uchuu Youhei Alicia

In Uchuu Youhei Alicia there is no actual gameplay, as can be expected from many Japanese erotic visual novels. However, what you are given is a simple H-scene selection screen that takes you to different sexual experiments featuring Alicia and Mia. As you go through the experiments, new ones get unlocked automatically.

Below the selection screen is three green progression bars indicating Alicia’s status. These have no real meaning other than showing the player Alicia’s process of changing both mentally and physically. From top to bottom, the green bars show Alicia’s subordination, pleasure, and the physical remodeling of her human body.

Whether you are a slow or a fast reader, the game gives you the ability to change the speed of the displayed text. You can also change the volume of character voices and the background music. For easy read and comfort, there is an auto-read feature. When finishing your session, the game can be saved and continued from where you left off. There is also a text log to access what has been said previously if you missed something and the possibility to skip text and go through the story in the blink of an eye if so desired.

Main Menu Screen from uchuu YouHei Alicia

Uchuu Youhei Alicia Hentai

Alien spreading Alicia's ass wide open from Uchuu Youhei Alicia

Uchuu Youhei Alicia is filled with alien and tentacle action, providing a variety of slimy and disgustingly delicious erotic situations delivered in a typical visual novel format with female voice acting for the two main characters (Alicia and Mia).

You get to experience things such as; Bondage by tentacles and double penetration, pleasure torture, enema by a slime monster, forced alien childbirth, a female group getting sexually attacked by aliens, getting fucked by aliens in front of an audience, lesbian futanari sex, and much more! All the CGs include multiple variations from base image to insertion all the way to climax.

As you progress through the adult scenes, you unlock them to the H-gallery which can be accessed via the main menu. There are around 30 unique hentai scenes to experience in this title, most of which is focused on Alicia and Mia with few exceptions of some alien tentacle group sex featuring random female characters.

sexy women getting fucked by tentacles and alien insects from Uchuu Youhei Alicia

Uchuu Youhei Alicia might be old news to some considering it was released in 2017 but just like art which is timeless, so is Alicia thanks to its stunningly gorgeous artwork one scene after another. Uchuu Youhei Alicia keeps things simple with a fast-paced story that sets the stage for countless H-scenes to be enjoyed without much interruption once our heroine gets captured.

For those who simply wish to sit back and enjoy some hardcore alien sex that can get disgustingly delicious at times while leaving everyone else horrified, Uchuu Youhei Alicia is the right visual novel for you! You might not understand much of its story but knowing the general idea of it can be more than enough when much of the game is spent looking at girls getting pounded by tentacles and the rest is just going in circles of discussing the experiment results of last H-scene and Alicia’s determination to save Mia.

You can both download the demo and purchase the full version of Uchuu Youhei Alicia from DLsite. If you wish to see what else Dieselmine has to offer, you can check out their products from here.

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