MangaGamer Brings Rance to West!

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In case you have missed it, in collaboration with Alicesoft, MangaGamer’s localization team has been working hard to bring us the Rance video game series and continues this quest all the way to Rance X Showdown which is Alicesoft’s latest Rance game, released back in 2018 in Japan.

If you have not played Rance yet or do not know who this particular character is, you may have missed a fountain of comedic gold depending on your taste in humor. Arguably considered as one of the bigger iconic hentai characters out there having existed since 1988, Rance is a selfish jerk and an arrogant hero setting an example for the rest that being a hero does not always mean you need to be a nice guy. Following the adventures of Rance divided into multiple games and adult animations, comedic scenes and many moments of laughter will remain the highlight of it all.

Rance from Rance Quest Magnum

Available on MangaGamer, you are currently able to play the following titles in English:

Coming to you soon:

Play order

For a newcomer, it may be hard to decide where to begin the epic adventure of Rance considering there are multiple entries to the series. Naturally, starting from the very beginning with Rance 01 + 02 would be easy to recommend since that is where our hero is introduced for the very first time, but a quick recap of previous events is not uncommon in this series to ease new players in, so there is room to start elsewhere if some titles prove too old to enjoy for a modern gamer.

Simply watching Rance’s short animated adult series (Rance The Quest for Hikari) will quickly put you up to speed on who the character is and what he is all about, even though the story does not follow the events of the games particularly close for other than characters that you will come across.

If you are preparing to enjoy Rance X Showdown to the fullest, you may want to skip the earliest entries and start from Sengoku Rance and Rance Quest Magnum where the story begins to draw closer to the events leading to Rance X Showdown. If doing so, do not miss The Helmanian Revolution once available as it is one before the events of Showdown.

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