Game Over Daisy! Taken Down by Nintendo

Nintendo taking down fanmade project, Game Over Daisy!

Nintendo appears to have taken action against OnModel3D’s acclaimed title, “Game Over Daisy!” earlier this year. The game was removed from the well-known platform, Newgrounds, along with a collection of OnModel3D’s princess renders, depicting several Nintendo princesses, which were also subject to takedown requests. The information was shared by the creator in a post on […]

Pure Onyx Gets Interactive Sex Toy Integration in Collaboration With Lovense

Pure Onyx adult game playing on the background with Lovense sex toy

Lovense, a sex tech company headquartered in Singapore, specializes in crafting remotely controlled sex toys and pleasure products, complemented by accompanying software. Teaming up with Pure Onyx, they’ve merged interactive pleasure with this thrilling Beat ‘Em Up experience. Now, as you delve into the cyberpunk-themed world of Pure Onyx by Eromancer, you can synchronize the […]

Sapphire Safari Developer Update

Sexy yellow anthro bunny posing for the camera

It has been a long time since I last updated you on Sapphire Safari, an upcoming 3D furry hentai game inspired by Pokemon Snap – Developed by Kinky Fridays who is also bringing you an erotic match-3 puzzle game: Under Contract! and has already released Pieces of my Heart, available on Steam. The team at […]

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Release Date!

Release date of Goddess of Victory NIKKE Mobile game

Get ready to protect the Ark and with it the remaining resistance of humanity against the mechanical apocalypse known as the Rapture! Goddess of Victory: NIKKE will release globally on November 4th, 2022! Pre-download is available right now on the App Store and Google Play. If you are not familiar with NIKKE, it is an […]

ROOM GIRL First Impressions

ROOMGIRL FirstImpressions Thumbnail - Hentai - NSFW

It has been just a few days since ROOM GIRL was released (30th of September to be exact), and with no hesitation, I got my copy via DLsite to start playing and see what is different about it compared to ILLUSION’s previous games in the last few years. Returning to realism since AI Girl graphics-wise, […]

Get Ready for ROOM GIRL!

3D Japanese girl boobs and summer clothes

Only a little more to go before we get our hands on ROOM GIRL! If you have not heard yet, ROOM GIRL is ILLUSION’s latest game set to release 30th of September 2022 in Japan. You can learn more about it by watching the trailer and checking its description. Already preparing for its release, I […]

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Pre-register Now!

NIKKE Preregistration announcement

The Pre-registration is open for NIKKE! You can now go to Apple or Google Play store on your phone and install the game in advance while waiting for its global release later this year (2022), month currently not specified. The pre-registration itself happens on NIKKE’s official website. SHIFT UP just recently updated it to provide […]

ROOM GIRL Relationship Feature

Two 3D asian women with large breasts

Yet another gameplay feature for ROOM GIRL has been revealed by ILLUSION as we approach the release of the game, set to come out 30th of September 2022. I have taken the liberty to translate the page for you. If you have not read the first gameplay feature post from last week, you may do […]

ROOM GIRL New Gameplay Features!

3D asian idol reading fan letters

ILLUSION has revealed more about their latest game, ROOM GIRL. I have taken the liberty to translate the information for you so that you can be prepared for the game when it releases in Japan 30th of September 2022. If you are new to ROOM GIRL, this is a work-themed adult game in which the […]

MangaGamer Brings Rance to West!

Rance X showdown coverart

In case you have missed it, in collaboration with Alicesoft, MangaGamer’s localization team has been working hard to bring us the Rance video game series and continues this quest all the way to Rance X Showdown which is Alicesoft’s latest Rance game, released back in 2018 in Japan. If you have not played Rance yet […]


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