Get Ready for ROOM GIRL!

3D Japanese girl boobs and summer clothes

Only a little more to go before we get our hands on ROOM GIRL! If you have not heard yet, ROOM GIRL is ILLUSION’s latest game set to release 30th of September 2022 in Japan. You can learn more about it by watching the trailer and checking its description. Already preparing for its release, I […]

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Pre-register Now!

NIKKE Preregistration announcement

The Pre-registration is open for NIKKE! You can now go to Apple or Google Play store on your phone and install the game in advance while waiting for its global release later this year (2022), month currently not specified. The pre-registration itself happens on NIKKE’s official website. SHIFT UP just recently updated it to provide […]

Danger in The Bathtub – Back to School!

3D asian schoolgirls standing in row posing sexy at pool

I have been enjoying working on Danger in The Bathtub (aka DITB) so much that I seem to have trouble finishing what was supposed to be a one-month project originally. At this point, I have thrown deadlines out of the window and just go with the flow enjoying the process of working on the comic […]

ROOM GIRL Relationship Feature

Two 3D asian women with large breasts

Yet another gameplay feature for ROOM GIRL has been revealed by ILLUSION as we approach the release of the game, set to come out 30th of September 2022. I have taken the liberty to translate the page for you. If you have not read the first gameplay feature post from last week, you may do […]

August 2022 Content Update [Final]

Cute asian school girls walking back to home

Good day to you all and welcome to read what is my final monthly content update. Since I am pretty caught up with my work and produce individual posts for each content requiring a blog update, there is no longer a need to make any more monthly posts going forward – Everything will be posted […]

DITB Tentacle Section Now Open!

DITB 01 - Hentai - NSFW

After two months of work on the DITB (Danger in The Bathtub) comic, it is my pleasure to announce that Ayumi’s bathtub section has exited Patreon Early Access for everyone to enjoy for free! What began as a one-month project to deliver a short comic grew larger by the end of it and it has […]

ROOM GIRL New Gameplay Features!

3D asian idol reading fan letters

ILLUSION has revealed more about their latest game, ROOM GIRL. I have taken the liberty to translate the information for you so that you can be prepared for the game when it releases in Japan 30th of September 2022. If you are new to ROOM GIRL, this is a work-themed adult game in which the […]

MangaGamer Brings Rance to West!

Rance X showdown coverart

In case you have missed it, in collaboration with Alicesoft, MangaGamer’s localization team has been working hard to bring us the Rance video game series and continues this quest all the way to Rance X Showdown which is Alicesoft’s latest Rance game, released back in 2018 in Japan. If you have not played Rance yet […]

What’s new in Orc Massage 2022

Cute Sexy tiger monster girl from Orc Massage

It has been a while since I covered Orc Massage. Despite this, ever since I laid my eyes on the game back in 2020, I haven’t stopped supporting the project on Patreon, and thanks to this, access to the exclusive news and images of the game’s development progress has remained open for me to collect […]

July 2022 Content Update

DITB Alley 0 - Hentai - NSFW

Welcome back for the monthly content update here at EroGuySensei! Summer heat is upon us in Finland, reaching levels almost unbearable for me to work in my tiny room with a small fan to cool me off as I create delicious naughty artworks for you to enjoy. June went by with me completely focused on […]