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Hanako-San – Payphone

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A teaser image for my Hanako-san (トイレの花子さん) NSFW horror story project. You can learn more about this title by visiting the project page.


In the heart of Tokyo, under the shroud of night, a lone Japanese man strolls past an empty park. The eerie glow of distant streetlights casts long, sinister shadows that dance menacingly around him. With no phone signal, he notices an old payphone box nearby, standing like a forgotten relic. Inside, leaves from gnarled trees and graffiti mar the walls, but despite its appearance, he decides to try it.

The man inserts the required coins and dials his wife’s number to inform her of his late return. The line goes eerily silent, prompting him to try again, but the phone remains mute. As he fiddles with the ancient device, his modern smartphone unexpectedly rings in his hand. Surprised, he drops it, and a mysterious puddle appears where it lands, as if from nowhere.

From the depths of the enigmatic puddle, a haunting sight emerges—a young girl dressed in a black and red dress, drenched from head to toe. Her soaked hair clings to her ghostly pale face as she extends a trembling hand, holding his smartphone—an invitation to an unknown realm. It’s Hanako-san, the dreaded ghostly apparition he had once overheard students whisper about in hushed tones while enjoying his late-night ramen.

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