Elf Sex Farm Trailer

Elf Sex Farm Cover Art

Elf Farm is an erotic fantasy farming adventure and resource management game in which the player has the opportunity to build and operate a farm, and collect residents to live there while exploring the whimsical world filled with monsters. developed by R’s and published by Playmeow on the Steam store, the game was released 25th […]

Wild Life Trailer

Tribal woman biting on hunting knife

Help keep the adult content flowing by supporting EroGuySensei on Patreon. Currently in development by Candy Valley Network, Wild Life is a highly anticipated adult RPG set in an open-world setting starring two playable protagonists. While doing more than well on Patreon, the developers seek further funding for their project on Kickstarter to increase productivity and […]

BoneTown: The Second Coming Edition Trailer

BoneTown game cover art

BoneTown is an open world action-adventure for adults, developed by D-Dub, makers of BoneCraft. Originally released back in 2008, the game is now making a small comeback with “The Second Coming Edition” – released on the 8th of June 2021. Taking inspiration from Grand Theft Auto and South Park, BoneTown delivers a crazy world to […]

Monolith Bay Trailer

3D open world porn game

Monolith Bay is an adult 3D adventure built in a small open world sandbox setting. Currently in development by Team Monolith, the game is set to release on Steam in Early Access somewhere in October 2021, published by TinyHat Studios. Explore the town of Monolith Bay where you uncover supernatural mysteries and things to do […]

Carnal Instinct Gameplay Demonstration

3D Open World in Egypt theme

Carnal Instinct is an Open World Erotic RPG with a heavy emphasis on Anthropomorphic characters and Futanari action. The game is being developed by Team Carnal Instinct and is currently available to be played in Early Access on Steam and Patreon. Watch the Carnal Instinct trailer if you have not done so already. Do not forget to check […]

Carnal Instinct Trailer

Carnal Instinct Video Game

Carnal Instinct is an Open World Adult RPG Adventure centered around Furry characters and Futanari action. The game is currently being developed by Team Carnal Instinct and is available for testing in Early Access on Steam and Patreon. Feast your eyes upon one of the most breathtaking adult games currently on the market with stunning […]

Slaves of Rome Trailer

SlavesOfRome Thumbnail2 - Hentai - NSFW

Slaves of Rome is a BDSM-focused 3D sex simulator based around the ancient Rome slave market. The game is currently in development, made by Biggus Dickus Games and it is set to release on Steam somewhere in the near future with no definite date given as of yet. Play as a Roman merchant, buy slaves, […]

Sapphire Safari Trailer

pokemon snap hentai game furry monster girls

Sapphire Safari is a Pokemon Snap-like open-world adult game where you take pictures of cute and sexy little furry Monster girls. Snap pictures of the Monster Girls in their natural habitat, use tools to lure them into more erotic poses, and become intimate with them! Created by Kinky Fridays and published by Critical Bliss on […]

My Lust Wish Trailer

3D girl in dirty toilet

My Lust Wish is an adult life-sim RPG Sandbox, currently being developed by SRT. This is an ambitious project with a full-fledged story to tell and a world to explore! The game tells about a young girl Ashley, who arrives in a small town to study at the university. Explore an exciting open-world filled with […]

League of Maidens Trailer

League of Maidens red skin superhero with white hair

League of Maidens is a single player Free-to-Play online action RPG game developed by Maiden Gaming Inc. Back in 2019, I had the pleasure to introduce the game to you all on YouTube and now it is yet again my pleasure to let you know that League of Maidens will be available for open Alpha […]

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