Zetria Gameplay

2D pixel sexy female scientsits in a row

Zetria is an erotic 2D pixel-styled action puzzle game with a sci-fi theme offering challenging levels and worthwhile rewards for your effort. Developed by Karnedraws, the game was released on Steam 10th of June 2022. Play through 9 levels filled with puzzles to solve and monsters to shoot. Rescue the helpless research facility staff consisting […]

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Trailer

Nikke Goddess of victory thumbnail

Goddess of Victory: Nikke is an ecchi Gacha-style waifu collector, a third-person shooter made for mobile. Developed by SHIFT UP, a Korean company also working on Project Eve. Having had its Global closed beta test just recently (Aug 1 – Aug 9), the game is set to release later this year, 2022 – Available on […]

Space Rescue: Code Pink Gameplay [6.5v]

Sexy astronaut rescuing a female astronaut in distress

Help keep the adult content flowing by supporting EroGuySensei on Patreon. Space Rescue Code Pink is an erotic point-and-click sci-fi adventure developed by Moonfish Games. As of right now, the game is available on Steam Early Access that offers a completed story for two female characters: Lune and Sophie. The third girl, Lorza, is said to […]

Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft Sex Demonstration 0.34v

A green lizard fucking a sexy naked brunette girl

Help keep the adult content flowing by supporting EroGuySensei on Patreon. Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft is a Cthulhu mythos-inspired erotic rogue-lite tactical game with an extensive 3D Sex simulator on the side that supports VR. Made by project Helius, the game is estimated to release on Steam somewhere in mid-2022. Currently Fallen Doll lets players […]

Monolith Bay Trailer

3D open world porn game

Monolith Bay is an adult 3D adventure built in a small open world sandbox setting. Currently in development by Team Monolith, the game is set to release on Steam in Early Access somewhere in October 2021, published by TinyHat Studios. Explore the town of Monolith Bay where you uncover supernatural mysteries and things to do […]

Subverse Sex Demonstration [Act 1]

Sexy Robot flirting on bed from Subverse

Subverse is an adult RPG providing hybrid gameplay of two genres; SHMUP & Turn-based combat. Currently, in development by Studio FOW, the game is in Early Access on Steam. To learn more about Subverse, read the review or watch the official trailer. To have a better understanding of what kind of adult content you can […]

Closed Game Trailer

Closed Game Coverart

Closed Game is an interactive erotic visual novel that presents the player with choices along the way that affect how the story is being told. Developed by Empress and released back in 2015 in Japan, the game finally became available for the western audience as well when localized and published by JAST USA on 27th […]

Carnal Instinct Trailer

Carnal Instinct Video Game

Carnal Instinct is an Open World Adult RPG Adventure centered around Furry characters and Futanari action. The game is currently being developed by Team Carnal Instinct and is available for testing in Early Access on Steam and Patreon. Feast your eyes upon one of the most breathtaking adult games currently on the market with stunning […]

Subverse Gameplay – Part 5

Humanoid Dog character from Subverse

You can start from the beginning and watch Subverse Gameplay Part 1. Or if you missed the last episode, watch part 4.

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