Zetria Gameplay

2D pixel sexy female scientsits in a row

Zetria is an erotic 2D pixel-styled action puzzle game with a sci-fi theme offering challenging levels and worthwhile rewards for your effort. Developed by Karnedraws, the game was released on Steam 10th of June 2022. Play through 9 levels filled with puzzles to solve and monsters to shoot. Rescue the helpless research facility staff consisting […]

Wild Life Trailer

Tribal woman biting on hunting knife

Help keep the adult content flowing by supporting EroGuySensei on Patreon. Currently in development by Candy Valley Network, Wild Life is a highly anticipated adult RPG set in an open-world setting starring two playable protagonists. While doing more than well on Patreon, the developers seek further funding for their project on Kickstarter to increase productivity and […]

Cloud Meadow Savannah Dungeon Gameplay – Part 2 [Final]

Cloud Meadow Lizard Boss Fight

This is the final part of the Cloud Meadow Savannah Dungeon gameplay. If you have not seen the first part yet, you can watch it from here. You can also learn more about the new content added to the game by reading the Part 1 description.

Cloud Meadow Savannah Dungeon Gameplay – Part 1

Turn-based combat in savannah from Cloud Meadow

In this two-part raw gameplay footage of Cloud Meadow, we take a look at the new areas of the first dungeon, 5th & 6th floor, and the new main quest tied to them. During the gameplay, you get to follow the main story, appreciate the beautiful new sceneries, as well as enjoy some turn-based battles […]

Carnal Instinct Gameplay Demonstration

3D Open World in Egypt theme

Carnal Instinct is an Open World Erotic RPG with a heavy emphasis on Anthropomorphic characters and Futanari action. The game is being developed by Team Carnal Instinct and is currently available to be played in Early Access on Steam and Patreon. Watch the Carnal Instinct trailer if you have not done so already. Do not forget to check […]

Carnal Instinct Trailer

Carnal Instinct Video Game

Carnal Instinct is an Open World Adult RPG Adventure centered around Furry characters and Futanari action. The game is currently being developed by Team Carnal Instinct and is available for testing in Early Access on Steam and Patreon. Feast your eyes upon one of the most breathtaking adult games currently on the market with stunning […]

Trap the Cat Gameplay

sexy cat girls trap the cat minigame

Trap the Cat is one of the various free-to-play short erotic games developed by Project Physalis for browser and mobile (Android). An old and simple Cat Trap game turned lewd, the game features four Cat Girls from different games and shows; Nicole Watterson from The Amazing World of Gumball, Ankha from Animal Crossing, Shima from […]

Arenus Gameplay [Gladiator Elona]

Sexy blue alien with large tits

Arenus is an Arena-based dystopian Sci-fi erotic pixel RPG, currently in development by Arvus with a planned release in 2021. Become the Warden, a trainer of a Gladiator willing to fight in arena battles for fame and glory. Choose your gender, appearance, and the Gladiator who shall train under you, and jump into Arenus’ exciting […]

Sapphire Safari Trailer

pokemon snap hentai game furry monster girls

Sapphire Safari is a Pokemon Snap-like On-Rails adult game where you take pictures of cute and sexy little furry Monster girls. Snap pictures of the Monster Girls in their natural habitat, use tools to lure them into more erotic poses, and become intimate with them! Created by Kinky Fridays and published by Critical Bliss on […]

The Adventures of Kincaid Introduction

Kincaid furry fox girl with purple hair

The Adventures of Kincaid is a lewd 2D pixel platformer currently being developed by Cookiedraggy & Nullbunny. With a release date yet to be announced, Kincaid can already be wishlisted on Steam. Now standing with over 1,700 people backing up the project on Patreon, Kincaid has become a highly anticipated game and exactly what the […]