Duel Princess Trailer

Cute anime girls battling each other

Duel Princess is a lewd side-scrolling tower defense game with deck-building elements, guided by a story using a visual novel format. Tear your enemies’ clothes upon victory and punish them for their actions against you! Not to be mistaken for a hentai game, Duel Princess does not feature any actual nudity but rather delivers an […]

Taimanin Collection: Battle Arena Gameplay

Taimanin Collection Battle Arena Video Game Cover Art

Taimanin Collection Battle Arena is a free-to-play erotic Gacha card collecting game with three minigames to play. Developed by Lilith, the title was released on Steam 9th of July 2020, published by Infini-Brain inc. To not confuse Taimanin Collection with “Taimanin Asagi Battle Arena” available on Nutaku, these two are not the same game. Play […]

Rance X: Showdown Trailer

Rance fighting a giant evil dragon

Rance X: Showdown (ランス10) is an ero JRPG, the final title in the long-lasted Rance series of over 30 years! Developed by Alicesoft, the game was released on February 23, 2018, and is now having its official English version being localized by MangaGamer. Follow the story of Rance, a great warrior who has taken command […]

Spooky Starlets: Movie Monsters Trailer

Sexy werewolf girl with big tits

Spooky Starlets: Movie Monsters is an erotic deck-building porn studio simulator, developed by FlynnFlann & Team Spooky and published by TinyHat Studios on Steam in Early Access, 21st of December, 2020. In Spooky Starlets you get to work alongside monstergirls in afterlife creating porn in a studio full of cameras and sexy porn actresses. Using […]

Venture Seas Introduction

Sexy Goddess in bedroom

Venture Seas is an upcoming erotic visual novel and dungeon crawling/turn-based card battle adventure game. You will be enjoying the company of your very own crew as a trade ship captain, sailing from land to land to discover new towns and dungeons. There are plenty of sexy adult scenes to enjoy, along with fun gameplay […]

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