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Elf Sex Farm Trailer

Elf Sex Farm Cover Art

Elf Farm is an erotic fantasy farming adventure and resource management game in which the player has the opportunity to build and operate a farm, and collect residents to live there while exploring the whimsical world filled with monsters. developed by R’s and published by Playmeow on the Steam store, the game was released 25th […]

Cloud Meadow Savannah Dungeon Gameplay – Part 2 [Final]

Cloud Meadow Lizard Boss Fight

This is the final part of the Cloud Meadow Savannah Dungeon gameplay. If you have not seen the first part yet, you can watch it from here. You can also learn more about the new content added to the game by reading the Part 1 description.

Cloud Meadow Savannah Dungeon Gameplay – Part 1

Turn-based combat in savannah from Cloud Meadow

In this two-part raw gameplay footage of Cloud Meadow, we take a look at the new areas of the first dungeon, 5th & 6th floor, and the new main quest tied to them. During the gameplay, you get to follow the main story, appreciate the beautiful new sceneries, as well as enjoy some turn-based battles […]

Cloud Meadow Gameplay – Part 2 [Beta]

Cloud Meadow pixel dungeon

[Watch Cloud Meadow Part 1] Cloud Meadow Gameplay part 2 takes you through the first dungeon and its boss battle. The second episode includes couple clips of hentai scenes from the gallery but the main course is yet to be delivered in another episode. If you wish to learn more about Cloud Meadow, you can […]

Cloud Meadow Gameplay – Part 1 [Beta]

Cloud Meadow battle system

Cloud Meadow Gameplay part 1 takes you through the town of Cloverton, a floating sky island that is a new home to our playable female farmer character. You get to meet some of Cloverton’s residents and witness the stunningly fun and exciting combat system. This is my second time around playing Cloud Meadow early-build so […]

Breeders of the Nephelym Introduction

Tentacle monster girl and naked fox furry girl

Breeders of the Nephelym is an open-world furry/monster girl breeding adventure game currently being developed by DerelictHelmsman. The game is in alpha, offered on Steam store since the 18th of October 2019 as a free-to-play experience. Derelict has a stunning over 6000 Patrons backing up the project, with Steam having over 5000 reviews from which […]

Cloud Meadow Trailer

Cloud Meadow cover art

Cloud Meadow is a hybrid of farming/breeding simulators, RPG, and visual novel adventure. Currently in development, made by Team Nimbus, the game became available on Steam Early Access 3rd of March 2020, with plenty of content to play through! Play as male or female and begin your journey as a farmer and breeder in a […]


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