Magicami DX Trailer

MagicamiDX Thumbnail - Hentai - NSFW

Magicami DX is a free-to-play lewd Magical girl RPG that provides a turn-based combat system and a vibrant story guided by full voice acting, animated cutscenes, and visual novel format. Play dress-up with your favorite girls and enjoy their beauty from all angles inside and outside battles! You can combine dresses to match your own […]

Booty Farm Trailer

Thumbnail of Booty Farm Video Game

Booty Farm is an erotic time management dating sim based around farming. Developed by Tender Troupe, the game was released on Nutaku back on December 14, 2018 – available on Android, PC Browser, and Windows Desktop. Still alive and kicking, the developers have continued to bring new content and visual updates for the game to […]

Koikatsu Sunshine Short Sex Demonstration

Sex on the beach in Koikatsu Sunshine 3D

Koikatsu Sunshine is an erotic anime dating sim that features a full-fledged 3D sex simulator supporting straight, lesbian, and threesome action. Create countless waifus of your dreams using Koikatsu’s robust character creator and take them on a date to a tropical island, or skip the dating mechanic and jump straight to naughty content, the choice […]

Game Over Daisy! Sex Demonstration

3D Princess Daisy Gagged and tied

Developed by OnModel3d, Game Over Daisy is a short minigame in which Princess Daisy has been captured by Bowser and gets to be more than just a simple prisoner. On her way to Bowser’s castle, the player gets to tease Daisy using sex toys and other items familiar from the Super Mario franchise. To learn […]

IdolDays Trailer

Sexy anime idol singing on a stage

Help keep the adult content flowing by supporting EroGuySensei on Patreon. IdolDays is an erotic vanilla visual novel telling a feel-good story of a delinquent girl becoming an Idol and turning into a star with the help of her producer. Developed by qureate in collaboration with iMel, the makers of KukkoroDays, and many other anime visual […]

Maitetsu Last Run!! Trailer

Maitetsu Last Run!! Cover art

Help keep the adult content flowing by supporting EroGuySensei on Patreon. Maitetsu Last Run!! (Or in Japanese: まいてつ Last Run!!) is a highly popular Japanese exclusive erotic visual novel telling a story about fictional Japan and its railroads operated by cute humanoid control modules. Developed by Lose, the game was released on DLsite on the 30th […]

Space Rescue: Code Pink Gameplay [6.5v]

Sexy astronaut rescuing a female astronaut in distress

Help keep the adult content flowing by supporting EroGuySensei on Patreon. Space Rescue Code Pink is an erotic point-and-click sci-fi adventure developed by Moonfish Games. As of right now, the game is available on Steam Early Access that offers a completed story for two female characters: Lune and Sophie. The third girl, Lorza, is said to […]

Mirror Gameplay

Sexy egyptian anime girl in match-3 puzzle battle game

Mirror is a lewd Match-3 puzzle game featuring sexy fantasy waifus. Developed by KAGAMI WORKs and published by Paradise Project on Steam, the game was released on the 19th of April 2018. Fight against sexy waifus in addictingly fun Match-3 puzzle boards with semi-unique gameplay mechanics. Follow short stories between battles and through victories work […]

Robolife-Days with Aino Gameplay

Cute anime girl in cybernetic suit

Robolife-Days with Aino is an erotic time management visual novel game developed by Barance Studio. To graduate Ahroy Academy and win the game, the player must gather graduation points by sending Aino to work on different kind of jobs, helping citizens with their troubles, and upgrading Aino. Every action makes time pass and the player […]

Robolife-Days with Aino Trailer

Sexy android anime girl from Robolife-Days with Aino

Robolife-Days with Aino is an erotic visual novel that provides Menu-based time management gameplay with a day/night cycle. Developed by Barance Studio and published by Critical Bliss and Lewd Formosa, Robolife-Days was released on Steam 23rd of June 2021. Follow a romantic comedy of a young man who discovers a broken robot girl named Aino […]