Countess in Crimson Gameplay

Romanian Inn 3D environment

Countess in Crimson is an erotic Point-and-Click Adventure game, developed by Digital Seductions, the makers of Cockwork Industries. Offering a gothic horror-themed interactive visual novel story set in the Carpathian Mountains in Romania, you follow Josh and Ashley, a young couple stranded in a small village after their car broke down during their travel across […]

Shred and Tear: Explosive Kajun Trailer

Sexy anime waifu with giant claws 3D

Shred and Tear, described by the developer (Lucid Realm Games), is a sexy and gory hack & slash mixed with adult content. Available on Steam to wishlist right now, the game is planned to release in late 2022. in addition to the PC version featuring lewd content, Shred and Tear will also be available on Playstation […]

Dreams of Desire: Definite Edition Trailer

Sexy busty 3D woman with dark bras

Dreams of Desire: Definitive Edition is a 3D adult visual novel that provides a long story to get invested in and an abundance of lewd scenes to enjoy. The game is developed by Lewdlab and was released on Steam on October 20, 2021. Follow a story of a faceless male protagonist who lives together with […]

She Will Punish Them Trailer

Sexy big breasted Succubus Queen

She Will Punish Them is a light-erotic dark fantasy action RPG with character customization and a housing system. Developed by L2 Games and released on Steam Early Access 29 April 2020, the game continues to be developed with regular updates. Play as a sexy succubus and fight over territory by slaying monsters in linear dungeons […]

Booty Farm Trailer

Thumbnail of Booty Farm Video Game

Booty Farm is an erotic time management dating sim based around farming. Developed by Tender Troupe, the game was released on Nutaku back on December 14, 2018 – available on Android, PC Browser, and Windows Desktop. Still alive and kicking, the developers have continued to bring new content and visual updates for the game to […]

Zero Chastity: A Sultry Summer Holiday Trailer

Horny and sexy anime girls standing in line

Zero Chastity: A Sultry Summer Holiday is an erotic visual novel developed by Orcsoft and published by FAKKU. The game will be available on Steam, set to release November 23th, 2021. In a typical visual novel format, chase four sexy heroines romantically and enjoy several lewd scenes featuring each of the starring girls! A more […]

Beautiful Mystic Defenders Trailer

Anime waifu characters standing in line

Beautiful Mystic Defenders is an erotic waifu tower defense strategy game developed by Fantasize Games and published by Mango Party on Steam, with a release window in January 2022. Command cute and sexy waifus to battle against the forces of evil with the help of cannon towers and guard outposts and keep the enemy at […]

Wild Life Trailer

Tribal woman biting on hunting knife

Help keep the adult content flowing by supporting EroGuySensei on Patreon. Currently in development by Candy Valley Network, Wild Life is a highly anticipated adult RPG set in an open-world setting starring two playable protagonists. While doing more than well on Patreon, the developers seek further funding for their project on Kickstarter to increase productivity and […]

The Way Home Trailer

Anime girl alone in a dark street holding a cat bag

Help keep the adult content flowing by supporting EroGuySensei on Patreon. The Way Home (officially known in Japanese “還道“) is a Japanese exclusive short erotic horror game offering multiple endings, developed by 旅猫キャンプ (Tabineko Camp) and released on DLsite on July 29, 2021. Navigate a lonely girl back home in the middle of the night through […]

Treasure of Nadia Teaser Trailer

Sexy parody of Indiana Jones

Treasure of Nadia is the latest creation of NLT Media, the makers of Lust Epidemic. With a release window of early 2022, the project is nearing its end while at the same time introducing a new project in the making “The Genesis Order“. A follow-up to Lust Epidemic, Treasure of Nadia expands the world and […]