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Professor Garlick – In Heat

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Mirabel Garlick has been sprayed by a plant in her herbology class which has put her in heat.

There has been a lot of noise across the internet surrounding Professor Garlick as soon as Hogwarts Legacy was released. Having played the game myself, I met Garlick in the herbology class in the early hours of the game and thought nothing of her at that point. So you can just imagine my surprise when I kept seeing people going crazy over her.

Naturally, as a humble servant of Rule 34, I had to make some art of professor Garlick, and you can rest assured this is not the only piece you will see of her, there will be more!

As for my experience with Hogwarts Legacy. I very much like it thus far. It is an exciting world full of wonder and lots of cool details to discover and appreciate. Truly the game is a work of art, but I am not quite fond of how much woke content has been placed here and there to pull me out of immersion. I guess it is a small price to pay in exchange for getting to explore the world of Harry Potter on a grand scale unlike ever before. I cannot recommend the game enough if you like open-world adventures, and especially if you are a fan of Harry Potter!

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