Rose – Futa Sisters

Rosemary Winters seduced by Lady Dimitrescu's daughters with futa dick

Rosemary Winters seduced by Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters with futanari dick. Nude and red night dress variations are available on Patreon for you to grab.

Freya – Bedside

Sexy naked Freya sitting at the dge of her bed

Sexy Freya sitting naked by her bed. Variation of this artwork is available on Patreon for you to grab.

Ashley – Infected

Ashley giving Leon a blowjob with cum all over her face

This artwork was inspired by the scene from Resident Evil 4 Remake where Ashley’s Plaga virus takes hold of her for a moment for the first in the castle chapter.

Ashley – Afterparty

Ashley Graham wearing Hot Teenage outfit and having sex with Leon

Ashley Graham is having sex with Leon on a sofa while wearing the “Hot Teenage” outfit, unlockable in the Resident Evil 4 Remake game. A variation is available that removes the camera effect and provides a bright colorful version of this scene, available on Patreon for you to grab.

Leon – Brave Victory

Leon carrying Ashley Graham in his strong arms

Leon carries Ashley in his strong arms while walking away from a defeated giant. The nude Ashley Graham variation is available on Patreon.

Yennefer – Nature Call

Half naked Yennefer from The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 sexy pinup art featuring Yennefer. Full frontal NSFW variation coming to Patreon soon.

Triss – Nature Call

Sexy half naked Triss pinup

Witcher 3 Pinup featuring Triss. Full frontal NSFW variation will be available for you to grab on Patreon soon.

Ellie – Horsing Around #2

Ellie Williams giving a blowjob to a horse while tied

The last time I made NSFW art featuring Ellie Williams with a horse, it was a paid commission by a client. This is the second time that Ellie has found herself pleasing a horse, only this time I was free to pursue my own vision with the art and thus wanted to convey the message […]

Merrin – Shower Time

Cal Kestis fucking Merrin in the shower

Wet Merrin fucked by Cal Kestis in the shower. Post-process variations are available on Patreon. Update 14.05.2023: I have received much-appreciated feedback on this artwork how it was hard to see the characters due to the water and fog effects. I have now updated the artwork by decreasing post-process effects. I have decided to leave […]

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