Zenaku: Good & Evil | Episode 1

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sexy anime school girls at train station
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Zenaku (officially known as 善悪), meaning Good & Evil, is a thrilling dark & twisted erotic visual novel, developed by Waffle. Having no official localized English version available for the western audience, the fanmade translations are provided by EroGuySensei. The game is available for purchase on DMM.

Do note that this translation project is currently frozen with no further episodes being produced due to time restrictions. The day of return to translate more episodes is currently unknown.

Zenaku Gallery ep3 1 - Hentai - NSFW

Zenaku Story

sexy anime school girls at train station

Follow the story of a young man named Masaya Shinoki whose life is forever changed and ruined after his little brother and sister both meet their end prematurely, only neither of the cases seem natural. Masaya does not hesitate to start searching for answers as to what led to his beloved siblings’ death. Not long after, Masaya overhears a critical conversation of four schoolgirls who appear to be connected to the case. When the police are unwilling to investigate, Masaya takes matters into his own hands and kidnaps the girls in hopes of getting a confession out of them. Finding the truth to be worthy of any crime and horrific act, the man slowly transforms from a simple criminal into something much darker. Will the girls withstand the torture and keep their secrets in time to be rescued or manage to escape on their own, or perhaps, confess and be judged by a mad man…

Zenaku Gallery ep2 4 - Hentai - NSFW

Zenaku Hentai

Sexy purple-haired anime girl with beautiful ass tied by ropes

Zenaku offers the kind of twisted dark hentai that does not shy away from explicit imagery of sexual torture. Though free of blood and gore, the adult content found within can still be graphic at times so viewer discretion is advised. The further the story progresses, the more violent the scenes become.

The four kidnapped schoolgirls are placed as the center of attention in all the H-scenes, tortured by one man. To make light of the sexual torture able to be digested and enjoyed by a wider audience, the tortured girls are painted as evil deserving of harsh punishment while the protagonist is given a humane angle to justify his horrific actions.

Within this title, you will find hardcore sex, extreme BDSM, torture by electricity and fire, humiliation devices, sex toys, sex machines, hot candle wax, belly stretching, scat & urination, bestiality, and more!

Sexy half naked anime girl tied by rope

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