Monsters Survive | Episode 2

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Monsters Survive: Episode 2

Aruku feels great guilt for letting Zeno be wounded in battle when trying to protect her. While the residents discuss what they should do about the monster roaming about, Eruma and Aruku are having a more pressing matter on their hands seeing as Zeno is not doing so well. A glimpse of hope is provided for the two as the town doctor advises them to gather ingredients necessary for a medical treatment to save Zeno’s life, only Eruma views Aruku as not ready for such a dangerous task, thus ordering her to stay behind. However, knowing she cannot simply stand idle, Aruku sets out on a mission of her own to gather ingredients behind Eruma’s back but things do not go as smoothly as planned…

MonstersSurvive Gallery ep3 2 - Hentai - NSFW

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