Monsters Survive | Episode 1

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Aruku and her friends from monsters survive
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Monsters Survive: Lose and Reproduce is a lighthearted interactive erotic visual novel developed by Lilith. Having no localized official English version available for the western audience, the fan translation is provided by EroGuySensei. The game is available for purchase on DLsite.

This translation project is currently frozen with no further episodes being produced due to time restrictions. When more episodes are going to be available is still unknown.

Monsters Survive main menu screen

Monsters Survive Story

MonstersSurvive Gallery ep3 2 - Hentai - NSFW

Aruku is a young brave Monster hunter following the footsteps of her parent figures, Eruma and Zeno. Hoping to become just as skilled as them, this young girl is willing to place herself in the way of danger to show her worth. However, When a new fearsome monster suddenly appears to wreak havoc, Zeno is forced to step in to protect Aruku and ends up getting critically wounded in battle. Left with no choice, Aruku and Eruma set out on a quest to gather ingredients necessary to save Zeno from death’s grasp.

MonstersSurvive Gallery ep1 2 - Hentai - NSFW

Monsters Survive Hentai

Aruku from Monsters Survive having sex with tentacles

Monsters Survive offers a luscious world filled with all kinds of interesting creatures simply often referred to as Monsters. Needless to say, the adult content is brimmed with bestiality though not entirely as there are humans as well. No matter the situation, Aruku and Eruma are the center of attention in all of the lewd scenes.

Just to name a few, from the Monsters’ side, you will get to enjoy things such as; dragons, insects, tentacles, and toads. There is a lot of impregnation by monsters and birthing that follows soon after. From the human side, the action is mostly prostitution and gangbang.

Two sexy naked anime girls drowning in slimy slugs inside a cave

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