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Danger in The Bathtub

After a hard day at school, Ayumi wants to unwind by having a relaxing bath at home. Seeing how her mother has prepared a bath in advance before leaving to run an errand, Ayumi mistakes this kind gesture meant for her. But something feels off. Beneath the bubbly foam awaits a new addition to the family, one that likes to play rough. If only Ayumi’s mother had told about the surprise sooner…

Danger in The Bathtub is the first entry into an erotic universe of short stories following the life of different characters living their sexually active lives that eventually cross paths with one another. A unique world buzzing with life of both humans and creatures of all shape and sizes living together in modern society, these stories aim to deliver all sorts of sexual fantasies without limits.


The length of this short comic project depends on Patreon support. Supporters have early access to pages as they come along, as well as behind-the-scenes images and project updates, not to forget a name mention in the final page. To show your support for this comic, pledge into “Danger in The Bathtub” tier on Patreon.

The project began 1st of June 2022.

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