August 2022 Content Update [Final]

Cute asian school girls walking back to home

Good day to you all and welcome to read what is my final monthly content update. Since I am pretty caught up with my work and produce individual posts for each content requiring a blog update, there is no longer a need to make any more monthly posts going forward – Everything will be posted […]

July 2022 Content Update

DITB Alley 0 - Hentai - NSFW

Welcome back for the monthly content update here at EroGuySensei! Summer heat is upon us in Finland, reaching levels almost unbearable for me to work in my tiny room with a small fan to cool me off as I create delicious naughty artworks for you to enjoy. June went by with me completely focused on […]

June 2022 Content Update

Sexy asian girl surrounded by tentacles

Summer is here and it is great to be a Finn! We get to enjoy the warm weather for a few months before it is back to cold and darkness… and something about winning the Ice hockey world championship, but I am not a sports fan so moving on… This month marks the beginning of […]

May 2022 Content Update

EroGuySensei blog banner with Ellie

As I have just begun my journey into nsfw 3D art, there is still plenty to experiment, improve, and change along the way before finding my groove within the art world that I like to stick around and be known for. With each month comes an opportunity to try something new and see what works […]

April 2022 Content Update

April2022 news - Hentai - NSFW

EroGuySensei monthly news makes a quick return, now tailored towards the audience of 3D adult art. For those waiting to see what the future holds for EroGuySensei now that the website has changed the direction from adult game news to NSFW 3D art, look no further than the upcoming Comic Page. Behind the scenes, while […]

EroGuySensei News December 2021

eroguysensei news thumbnail for December 2021

This is the final Monthly News from me which after there will be no more monthly news to follow. Read to learn what to expect from 2022 content-wise…

EroGuySensei News November 2021

eroguysensei news thumbnail for November 2021

This month is all about DoHna DoHna! As we are nearing the end of 2021, it is high time that I catch up with the visual novel translation project…

EroGuySensei News October 2021

eroguysensei news thumbnail for October 2021

Welcome to follow the EroGuySensei news update of October! The Month of Halloween is finally here! Look forward to horror-theme adult games…

EroGuySensei News September 2021

eroguysensei news thumbnail for September 2021

EroGuySensei is preparing for the month of Halloween! Read about Evenicle 2 and DoHna DoHna project updates, as well as Koikatsu Sunshine…