DITB Tentacle Section Now Open!

DITB 01 - Hentai - NSFW

After two months of work on the DITB (Danger in The Bathtub) comic, it is my pleasure to announce that Ayumi’s bathtub section has exited Patreon Early Access for everyone to enjoy for free! What began as a one-month project to deliver a short comic grew larger by the end of it and it has […]

DITB Comic – Over Half Way Done!

Under skirt panty shot of Ayumi 3D

The “Danger in The Bathtub” (Aka DITB) comic project began 1st of June and since then I have been quite busy working on it every single day. Ayumi, being the first story character in an erotic universe that I am slowly building with each new character and comic introduced, will take the spotlight in a […]