October Content Update

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A lot is going on behind the scenes and I know some of you are waiting to hear news about ROOM GIRL and the continuation of DITB comic. We are nearing the end of 2022 so it is a fine time to take a look at where things stand here at EroGuySensei.

As we enter the Christmas season early here in Finland, many businesses begin to provide Christmas services and things slowly start to get busy this time of year which means extra hours at work appear to pile up outside Eroguysensei, leaving me with fewer hours to create content for you the more we near December. So, simply be aware of this in case of a lack of content during some weeks going forward.

I am also in the middle of preparing to move abroad to Spain early next year. My preparation process will eat into hours that I otherwise would use to create content for EroGuySensei. One part of this process is studying the language as much as possible and learning new skills required for my new job waiting there. So again, new content on the site may be uploaded less than what you have grown accustomed to.


Some of you have been waiting to see gameplay footage of ROOM GIRL from me since its launch last month. While I have my copy and have already begun playing and recording footage for you, I hate to inform that there is some delay before being able to bring you an extensive look at the game – The reason is partly already mentioned above.

Unlocking many parts of the game has proven to be a slower process than expected when taking into consideration how little time I have to play games for any purposes nowadays.

While the Nsfw gallery takes priority over adult video game news, I do reserve time for ROOM GIRL every week. However, unfortunately, my weekends that have been planned for long play sessions have been destroyed by unexpected errands, thus pushing my schedule further.

I wanted to break the silence on this matter and to ensure that work towards bringing you an extensive look at ROOM GIRL is being made despite the difficulties. I apologize for the delay and ask for your patience as I continue to unlock new parts about the game and gather video-worthy material to edit into something that is of great interest to you and worth your time.

3D Japanese nurse and doctor

Danger in The Bathtub

Now that the Orc Alley sex scene is finished (Check the Comic page), only two more scenes remain before the comic is complete. However, Spooky October has taken me away from the project for a while as I wish to focus on celebrating the month of Halloween by delivering you horror-themed nsfw art for the gallery.

After Halloween, I will return to finish DITB at full speed so that I may finally start to free up time from the project and use it elsewhere. The comic is planned to be finished before the end of 2022.

To remind you, the remaining two erotic scenes will now be available to access here on the site as soon as the pages get finished. No longer will they be locked behind Patreon. After October, you can start checking back on the comic page every now and then to see if new pages have been uploaded.

3D Japanese styled classroom full of students

Principal’s Office Chapter Changes

There has been a change to the Principal’s office scene. Instead of a human principal shown in my last blog regarding DITB, she has been replaced by a demon named Mezney – A new original character.

With her, the scene will turn more hardcore than originally designed while providing the use of demonic powers and magical tools. The newly designed scene will now offer full-fledged BDSM with spanking and futanari sex.

Ayumi will spend a moment as a fucktoy in Mezney’s dark realm resembling hell as a punishment for her continued lack of respect in class toward her teacher. As weird as it may sound, such punishments are viewed as quite normal in this strange overly sexual world she lives in.

3D Asian girl slave to a demon in hell


I am slowly transitioning my art away from Patreon to provide its benefits and more here at Eroguysensei. Knowing the type of content I tend to create regarding NSFW art, it is quite obvious just like with YouTube that Patreon is not a platform supportive of my creations and thus not suitable for me to build income long-term in this specific area.

This transition will take time and for a while, I still continue to provide some of my NSFW art on Patreon until the transition is complete but you will no longer find exclusive art there as everything will be provided here at Eroguysensei starting today.

Going forward, my Patreon page will be focused on adult video game news work. Those of you who want to help me afford more games to cover each month in greater detail can continue to do so on Patreon. Your support is much appreciated!

New Gallery

You may have already noticed the new gallery system which now provides mini-galleries within a single artwork, as well as a description and comment section. (Mobile-friendly navigation/browsing user experience coming soon!)

Some artworks that you view on the gallery page hide behind them variations and even continued scenes of the main artwork. Thanks to the new gallery in place, you will now be able to enjoy more of your favorite artworks and in some cases see how their mini-stories conclude.

Take advantage of the comment section and let me know what you think about your favorite artwork in the gallery. Feel free to make requests on artworks and how they should continue and what characters and fetishes should make an appearance in them. You now have the power to use your voice to shape my future artwork and have a chance to get the kind of art that you desire to see and enjoy the most!

Ellie fighting off gremlins in metro tunnel using chainsaw

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