May 2022 Content Update

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As I have just begun my journey into nsfw 3D art, there is still plenty to experiment, improve, and change along the way before finding my groove within the art world that I like to stick around and be known for. With each month comes an opportunity to try something new and see what works and what does not, what I enjoy creating, and what ends up turning stale quickly.

In midst of work and social life, I have been trying to find a healthy balance to work on EroGuySensei, but once more, just like with the adult video game news, it seems that the little time I have has begun to creep up on me and increase its tight grasp. The projects I have been working on seem to pile up, slow down, and become a chore rather than something enjoyable.

Before things can get out of hand, I am looking to simplify my work and make it enjoyable again. This is why I am letting go of the Wannabe Vampires comic project and the visual novel project “They Came From Mars” until I can dedicate the proper time to them they require.

Despite no longer working on these two projects, there is still a chance that I might continue to work on them as short comics and single artworks for the gallery.

While such sudden change comes out quite embarrassing for me to announce, I feel that what EroGuySensei needs right now is not another ambitious project but consistent weekly content that is light and fast to produce on daily basis, like the single nsfw artworks that fill up the gallery, as well as short comic projects that can be completed within weeks rather than months.

Commission page reconstruction

I have disabled the commission page as I redesign the page to be more simple for clients to go through the commission process. I will also lower the commission prices to better suit my own work schedule around projects, as well as provide better opportunities for people with less money to spend during these tough economic times around the globe.

Patreon tier change

At the same time for the same reason, I also want to provide more opportunities with less cost for my patrons to enjoy my creations. That is why I am combining most of the tiers so that within a single tier one can enjoy exclusive artworks for a lower cost than before. You can check the new tier on my Patreon page.

3D sexy naked japanese assassin

Video game nsfw artworks

For the month of May and continuing forward, I am now finally ready to start providing nsfw artworks using video game characters from popular titles. I do believe that this is something that I may end up pursuing further as I do enjoy gaming and love to draw inspiration from games I have played, Elden Ring being the latest.

I have started with Ellie from The Last of Us, but will soon move on to games like Nier, Overwatch, Elden Ring, Resident Evil, and more.

Comic page

This is the month I will be launching the comic page that will eventually feature several different comic projects set for the near future. The goal of this page is to show visitors a glimpse of future content and give a reason to follow and support me on Patreon. It is also a way for me to create a physical library of illustrated ideas for erotic comics I do not wish to forget down the line as I focus on other artworks and projects.

At this point, it is good to clarify that these short comics are not designed to be ambitious projects that take months to complete, like with the original idea for the Wannabe Vampires.

While each comic project varies in scale, they are designed to be quick to produce, no more than a couple of weeks or so. This way I will be able to keep my focus on each project and make sure they will be completed despite my busy and hectic lifestyle. I am looking to get to start working on my first comic project starting next month.

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Behind-the-Scenes / Bloopers

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